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I'm So Lost

I wish I was better at bearing this. If only, if only I could leave. Find something softer, something warmer than red skies. A place that smells like my mother’s perfume. 243 more words


in sync

He washed my hair in the shower. He massaged my temples. He turned off the water, helped me out, and dried my entire body, combed all the hair away from my face, wiped the residue makeup from underneath my heavy eyelashes, and wrapped my robe around me. 260 more words

If Sleep Were A Lover

Sleep is the most fickle of mistresses. Dark, silken and coy, she compels you to watch her like a voyeur, just out of reach, a beautiful tease. 244 more words


stained red

I told my friend I knew exactly how I would kill myself. I would park the car in a garage, my garage, and I would turn it on. 75 more words

I believe by Jeff Richey

I believe in good people and bad people.

I believe in right and wrong.

I believe in things we can and cannot see.

I believe our future is what we make it. 128 more words


my cat.

My cat does not like reality, just imagining it.

He sits on the ledge of the couch and stares out the window. He watches intently. Every small shutter of a leaf or rustle of grass sends his ears into frenzy, trying to find the source of the disruption in his tranquility. 249 more words


The Pilgrimage

I leave “IT” out at night

For you

I know you are there

Hiding in the dark

“IT” can be anything I choose

That I want you to explore… 79 more words