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themes for shadow

when toothpick young you see a snake go mad with second nature and a sponge dragging your mother through nothing’s data

Scene From a Seaside Dance-hall.

“I’ll put the kettle on then.”

This scene could be
in Wales, or on the east
coast. No whales in the
north sea, no oceanic host. 114 more words


May 2nd

My friend has deleted the phone log of the day so pretty much the say is blurred and blacked out. There is more to the story but I know only up to 12AM, not more and I took my phone for I love breaking my own rules while my friend threatened me to put it away. 260 more words

Poetry And Writings

Prose - Athlete, Temple, Bottle - JG

He started off early; nursed at the bottle soon after leaving his mother’s breast. It was his daily routine, his beverage of choice with every meal, (especially when that meal was sorrow), and the significant other in his longest relationship to date. 953 more words

Schizophrenic Summers

What Were They Doing?

This past Saturday I had inexplicably found myself night-walking. The time was well after 12 pm (which means that I was technically walking by myself early on a Sunday). 283 more words


Thank You

Dear you,

It’s been just about a year since I published my first post on my blog.

It’s been quite a journey. I think I started this blog because it was a good way to keep all of my stuff documented in one place (instead of like 5 different journals and diaries). 73 more words


A day well spent

Finally, a day off from work.

There was a strike (please don’t ask me why, I don’t know) in the road transportation and the bus and auto-rickshaw union were supporting the strike. 584 more words