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apologies to a wedding dress

you taught me how to breathe and how to get angry.
you taught me how to put batteries in my alarm clock and how to cry while saying goodnight. 413 more words

inevitable war

pr is so great

it spins your mind

shapes your thoughts

changes your hearts

melts your brain



call this



like it was a

fair fight between

two opponents

when it was actually

just shelling

over and



Migueliño's Father

by Alfonso D. Rodríguez Castelao (1886-1950). From Things.
Translated by David Clark.

Migueliño’s father was coming back over from the Americas, and the young lad was as pleased as punch dressed up in his best clothes. 251 more words


Hold Your Breath

Death is a beautiful, terrifying, and curious thing. I used the term thing because I haven’t a clue which word to use. Occurrence. Phenomenon. Event. Those words don’t make the cut, it’s so much more than a word, than a dictionary’s definition. 336 more words


Memoir Essay Piece

I dream no more, I am awake. Not a breath longer shall I sleep down the slope of nightmare. These waking moments of mine become wondrous with you, without mirage, illusion or grim happenings. 214 more words


the girl with the panda phone case

I don’t know how to tell you that I like you because these words seem so empty and insignificant, because I know you are hurting and I want nothing more than to help take that pain away and yet I can’t seem to find the words to help remedy the heartache you feel. 191 more words