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Morning Thoughts

Those few precious moments, early, just at dawn, gazing through the white curtains, hair uncombed, thoughts, half awake, half in dreams. A pause, a deep sigh perhaps, wanting to linger, to savor, before the day closes in uninvited, and steals what is left of your time.


Glint of Transference

I’m thrilled to have my prose poem, Glint of Transference, published by The Camel Saloon. A huge thank you to Russell Streur for giving my words a nice home. 6 more words


In my ECON1 Class

In this class, my instructor asks me questions while I am on phone. I answer most of them correctly. Because of this, she sees me as a genius. 196 more words

Spilled Ink

"Shiver me timbers!" [29]

the absurd mockingbird, restless nun in gray & white robes, bungee cord bird preferred, the imitation game… Its tail feathers raised in a one-finger salute. … clown tumbling on the high-wire, a bored bard whose word could be heard, the weird mockingbird , a dancer stumbling on the floor, uncontrolled laughter echoing in the trees … The mockingbird raises its wings in prayer. 16 more words


Mr. Somebody Waxes Lyrical

Interpretation. Precipitation. Condensation? No.

I was just waxing lyrical about nothing. An abstract concept built on something. But I forgot what.

Not so long ago I biked 5 miles just get on a pedalo. 21 more words


Life Itself

Should the depths of an individual be so blindly scrutinised? I ask. Should the depths of an individual be so blindly scrutinised? I ask. Should the very fabric of an individual be so finely criticised? 87 more words


iHate Society

My material must not appeal to the masses. When in classes I would create unique pieces. They passed on my stuff.

Conform. I’m confined within the realms of my time. 19 more words