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She’s Often Interested In That Night-Cap,Now.

Seems it’s doggerel day, all day long. At a stretch, a “prose poem” from last year. And a party boy as a sleazy narrator. I never knew about the big bucks in Bonnet Books, did you?  225 more words


But One Close That Day

To augment an argument won
they compromised on dinner
for two
so nonchalance their ambiance
both ordered off the menu

and frowning upon that first… 119 more words



It’s that strange departure I crave, the upfloat headrush
making every edge dance and the notes from the radio thrash
harder out this piece-of-shit car into an open night. 322 more words


Concurrent Majority

It’s all going so John C. Calhoun. A retrograde swoon. And always a moon of the moment to hang a history. A high tide of whichever side sees it simply as sink or swim, and still wet behind the ears, they reenact, to payback… Sherman’s march to the sea. 34 more words


Purple Death

We always sterilize glass with fire before going mouth to mouth,
and it’s customary to pack and load… Local heroes bowing out,
drop your microphone on stage and float away like the first choice, 31 more words


For a change - a prose poem

Come in number 25 your time is up! Post-haste! Don’t waste the day drifting in melancholic haze. The day light is dwindling. Much has been done.  106 more words


Passing A Baton

upon retirement—
I sorted
the soft sell
from the hard
close into
a folder
I branded
“state of grace”
locked all
a thin… 48 more words