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Family Gatherings

the whole family  gathered around the piano      expecting me to play      I opened my song book      “O Christmas tree”      it would make my parents happy     I could play it well     they just wanted to hear fast-paced notes      technical skill      a fancy arrangement      something that would make people say      any compliment really      if I sounded good      my parents sounded great     everyone was watching me      watching my fingers move      no one listened to the words      it’s not like they ever cared about my writing      but I watched the lyrics     “your leaves are so unchanging”      everyone sang this line with the jolliness of Christmas      head tilted back      eyes closed      as if in concentration on the words      but if they really listened      or took a look around      they would know that it’s not true    I glanced out the window      an apple tree stood tall in our backyard      it was covered in snow      now      but soon it would be brown      then green      then red      then tall     and then one day      it would be gone


SoCS: Rekindling a Forgotten Friendship

We were friends before I fell in love with him, and just in case you are curling your lips to accuse me of being a home-wrecker, I am only sitting in this dimly lit restaurant to rekindle our friendship. 183 more words


Best of Writing 201: Poetry (according to no one important)

The WordPress Writing 201: Poetry course is over. I’m sure to your relief, dear reader. I will return to regular programming shortly. In the meantime, I thought I would share a few of my favorites from other participants. 393 more words


Writing 201: Poetry, Day Seven - Fingers

Continuing the Harry Dresden theme.

Prompt: Fingers

Form: Prose Poem

Device : Assonance

Inspiration: Harry after waking from the dead and accepting and acknowledging the mantle of Winter Knight. 61 more words

The Daily Post


Haven’t been writing much. Been submitting even less. But Cartridge Lit has accepted my prose poem/flash/essay “Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare:Garden Warfare.” Nice to be acknowledged when you’re not at your best. 122 more words


Friday Poem: Regret - With Assonance

Another week of daily poetry prompts, and again I’ve written something that doesn’t quite fit the assignment…oh well! For this one, I picked up on the… 93 more words