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~Full Flight~

As a child I had an imagination that ran free
With a parent exasperating stubborn streak
Smack my right hand, don’t turn around,
‘Cause I’d use my left…
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You will not pass, no you will not pass,
over the start

You will not pass, no you will no longer pass,
into my heart… 23 more words


Inky Red

Watson and I had dinner last night, overlooking the city’s infamous grachten, glittering sinisterly in the fading light of sunset. ‘War diamonds’, I told him. ‘Around the elegant neck of an African queen.’ He smiled in response, lifting his wineglass with his long, elegant fingers. 148 more words


Melodramatic Memories 

I wish I could stop loving you.

I wish

the soft sound of your name didn’t encourage the echoing toll inside my chest.

I wish that I could have been better for you. 51 more words


I do not have eyes. I have telescopes that peer into the universe of a single atom of consciousness. This vision is the interior design of one room in the cosmic mansion, a room adorned by thought form crystallizations that illuminate residential darkness like stars in the night sky. 142 more words


Reflective Trees

Trees are truly wonderful things.  Like a combination of all the types of structural things combined that nature can offer and more intricate than we can create adequately.   85 more words