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Ever since I met you, I’ve known you from the beginning.
An odd familiar feeling, like our spirits were always aligning.

Destined to be apart, the roads parallel, following. 28 more words



He doesn’t
see me

That’s good
for me
because I’m not
certain I see myself.

© Sarah Doughty
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Conflicting Calculations

our glowing odyssey is now a gloomy dormancy
we begin from worthiness and ends in worthlessness
i want to enlighten the way and you obscure it with your ways… 70 more words


001. z & g


Three things: There was something I wanted to tell her, there was something I didn’t want to tell her, and there was something I couldn’t tell her. 616 more words


Not a poem: 10 things I've had said to me about being a poet

This is kinda self explanatory:

1. “You’re published? You must make good money then!” Ha!
2. “Can you write, like, proper stuff – y’know, not poetry, like, real books?” Pfft. 157 more words


When he Walked Out

When I realized he was gone I dug a hole to bury his things but I crawled in in their place.  I lay in the ground wishing only for someone to come along to cover me with soil and leave me to sleep.   214 more words

Freshman Year

Prompt for March 28: Four Lines of Prose that Take Place Inside the Train Station

The whistle was screeching in my ears as I ran after the train, praying I could make it to the railing before it left the platform. 67 more words