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Short Story: Maryland police find woman pushing her 3-year-old son on park swing

The chains creaked as Marsha pushed her son on the swing. The air had become colder than it had been earlier that morning, and Timmy, her son, was being rather quiet, making no comment on the orange sunset playing hide-and-seek between the trees. 697 more words


Prompt for May 23: Four Lines of Prose about Something Overflowing

I always knew that arterial blood had pressure behind it, that that is why blood draws were aimed at veins instead. But I had no idea how it could just keep pouring out of a wound like the dagger in Evander’s back. 75 more words



All it took
was four words
to shatter my soul,
“I don’t love you.”

© Sarah Doughty
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book one of the  6 more words


i wonder what it would be like to be lightning. i would ride upon the darkest storm clouds and perch above the sky, look down upon tiny people and their fragile, inanimate buildings, and thunder would shout all around me. 172 more words


kränklich Maschine

Grandmother was born in a world ruled by the ø4825.

Her future was systematically degraded, replaced with rudimentary and cheap options until she reached adulthood. … 15 more words


The Song I Sing As a Man

I am so terribly happy, I find myself stupefied by my undeniable joy.

Never have I, alone, felt anything like this; and it’s not the transitory kind of happiness either – my disposition seems to have altered; although, it’s not without cause. 393 more words


Prompt for May 22: Perfection

I don’t remember much from the dream I had last night. There were the usual elements of fantasy: settings that forever changed, flowing into one another like water in a stream; faceless people who you believed you’ve known forever but are really figments of whatever dream world you’ve been caught within; the inexplicable villain that you felt real hatred towards. 149 more words