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jQuery : Proper use of $.extend

jQuery.extend( target [, object1 ] [, objectN ] )

Keep in mind that the target object (first argument) will be modified, and will also be returned from… 138 more words


A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: proper


So there’s this family of mathematical jokes. They run about like this:

A couple people are in a hot air balloon that’s drifted off course. 336 more words


4 Basic Points On Technique (With Guitar as Example)

Technique is everything. Technique defines how quickly growth happens, it defines precision in execution, it defines consistency in reproduction.

It has been my observation that regardless of the discipline, there are unifying principles of technique which apply seemingly universally. 488 more words

Sound Wisdom

Toothbrushes and Toilets

I have heard several myths about the proper location and correct storage method for toothbrushes, but I’d like to shed a little light on what is actually happening in your bathroom from a dentist’s (and an amateur microbiology enthusiast’s) perspective.Read More

Trusted Indianapolis Eye Doctors and the Proper Eye Care this Summer

Everyone’s looking forward to summer and participating in outdoor activities, be it sunbathing on the beach, swimming in pools, or spending the night camping. These summer activities, however, can pose a risk to your eyes if you aren’t able to give them proper care. 113 more words

Thanks For The Invite

Ah yes, some color to add to my wardrobe: the powder blue jumpsuit.

Invitation season is now, and you’re better prepared than never. Whether it’s weddings, showers, or grad parties and the like, it’s all about dress to impress—appropriately that is. 75 more words


Exams etc...

Exams, exams, exams… that’s all you ever hear at school at this time of year.

My sister’s just done her GCSE’s (… well…. last one tomorrow :-D), the Yr 10’s have started their mock exams and now us (the Yr 9’s) have started ours today!! 657 more words