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5th Circuit Court Of Appeals Hears Obama Immigration "Executive Action" Appeal...

Texas Judge Hanen previously blocked execution of President Obama’s “executive action”, the DOJ now seeking to eliminate the injunction….  Hanen is well positioned to have his decision upheld.  459 more words

BREAKING: Busy Day In Memphis - More Arrests For BP Gas Station Mob Beating - Also 19 Gangster Disciples Arrested In Drug Bust...

Memphis police holding press conference. Ongoing – updates will follow

9 people arrested in connection with BP flash mob. Update on 3 arrests in Kristen Williams shooting.

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Walter Scott Shooting - The Case For Lesser Charges....

Donald Joy at Clash Daily has a reasonable perspective on shooting of Walter Scott by Police Officer Michael Slager. His argument is one that many people agree with; … 612 more words

"We Will Burn America" Islamic State, Gladio and Michael Ledeen.


April 17th, 2015.

“It’s hard not to be in favour of taking down monsters”
Monster, Fascist and Neoconservative  Michael Ledeen. 4,992 more words


What the Royal Family Doesn't Want YOU To See! (Full Doc)

The previous post reminded me of all parasite wankers, and this family rules in that realm. Are British people that ignorant of the simple fact that they are ruled by the German branch of the Illuminati?  32 more words