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Australian Politics - The Fall Of Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten

By Andrew Bolt ~

David Crowe describes a Labor Party leader with nothing left to say:

When reports emerged that three suspected jihadists wanted to return to Australia without going to jail, Labor Leader Bill Shorten talked of rehabilitation but offered no concrete position.

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Public Opinion

BBC Admits to Broadcasting Pro-Israel Propaganda

This week on the New World Next Week: Stephanopoulosgate demonstrates political media bias; major media gets it wrong on GMO (again); and the BBC admits to broadcasting pro-Israel propaganda. 377 more words


Are NZ Troops Surrounded By ISIS And Are We Facing A modern Gallipoli?

After 12 years of war and mayhem in Iraq and the whole Western world and their dog training Iraqi soldiers and police force  ISIS, a ragtag band of rebel fighters, is taking over not just Iraq but Syria as well. 352 more words

Economic Meltdown

A Narrative Of Convenient Paranoia - Waco Police Claim Threats From Non-Existent Motorcycle Gangs....

Alternate Headline = Waco Police Now Claim They Are Being Attacked By Clint Eastwood and an Orangutan Named Clyde. (ie. Waco PD Leak Security Bulletin To CNN) 1,179 more words

Media Bias

Step 8 To Fascism: Control The Media

Everyday, without fail, the Daily Mail publishes between 6-10 articles in a block dedicated to ISIS. The mix is usually a big photo of more imminent beheadings (to add horror, some children watching thrown in the mix), some smaller photo’s of women in full black cover and chained (How very 50 shades of Grey and just enough barbarism to titillate the Western  population. 97 more words

Economic Meltdown

White people do not have the right

Take a look at the people in these images. They are the self-appointed lefty spokespeople orating on behalf of us genuine lefties by birth, shackled by poverty and white supremacy. 402 more words