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Risk and Reward

“Aren’t you scared when you fly?” says the intrepid interviewer.

Well, aren’t you scared when you walk? People have lost teeth that way!

The Pentagon wanted me to test PFD’s, “personal flight devices,” because presumably if one failed I could save both myself and the device. 720 more words


Tinder: Spoilt for choice or spoiling your chance at love?

If Tinder had a theme tune, I’m guessing it would be Rihanna’s “We found love in a hopeless place”

Last weekend Channel 4, a UK TV channel, aired a documentary about dating app Tinder. 515 more words


The Issue Of Too Many Skins On Skin

The gay community has developed quite the reputation for promiscuity over the years. It wasn’t long ago that homosexuality was a shameful, unspeakable evil, best left to anonymous trysts in public restrooms. 847 more words


Dating vs Prostitution

Obviously this will be an exaggerated rant. So don’t get too literal while you read.

I would say dating in my generation or actually calling it “dating” would also be an exaggeration. 447 more words

Avoid the Thorns and You'll Be Fine

“There’s a danger in desire, a lesson we’ll never learn. Dance too close to the fire. There’s a chance you’ll get burned.”

I am far from an expert in life, love and being “cool”: in fact I would say I am the polar opposite of anything “cool”. 778 more words


Fool's Gold 

Sometimes I just sit and think about my life. It’s honestly pretty shitty. I came from some fucked up parents. My parents didn’t want me, I was never planned. 686 more words