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Movie Review: It Follows (2015)

It Follows has been described as the best horror in years & an atmospheric modern horror classic. Critics are raving about it & that means it has to be great, right? 1,343 more words

The Disc

Civil War

That’s the thing about pain.  It demands to be felt.

John Green

I have always hated my body.

I can name twenty things off the top of my head that I wish I could change- I wouldn’t even need to think about it.  

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Virgin...? Ha...ha...ha. Romance? Manwhore?

So I ended up going to see fifty with my mom. It was good to see it in Cinema 8 because since most of our local cinemas have closed down Cinema 8 has become what I like to call the ‘ghetto cinema.’ When I went to movietowne in Port of Spain there was no exclamation, no talking back to the screen, no ladies making catcalls. 1,195 more words

Journal Entry

So There Is No Homosexual Agenda, Eh?

I get this all the time, on every online forum, from gays and their ignorant supporters.  These dupes are simply puppets in the hands of socialist forces determined to undermine society by striking directly at the roots… our youth… 397 more words

Not to call you promiscuous, but...

“Are you in love?”

I had gone to the gynecologist for a birth control prescription, not to gab about my personal life. Aging Catholic men aren’t really my go-to for gossip. 416 more words