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The Quarter of an Earthly Century Project: Prologue

The idea of embarking on a “project” has always been one of the most fascinating ideas to me; especially those self-discovery projects (well, I… 598 more words

A Humanoid's Tale

No smoking hotel (Prologue) (Russian)

No smoking hotel (Russian) Episode 1, 2 & 3
Отель, в котором не курят.

-Эпизод 1-

Это было долгое путешествие.
Окно нельзя было приоткрыть даже наполовину. 14 more words

No smoking hotel (Prologue) 日本語

No smoking hotel (Prologue) 日本語
時間旅行の世紀 序章 (1)(2)(3)



おそらく、防犯のため? いや・・・それほど、治安が悪いとは思えない。


2014年の No smoking hotel にて

Here is no smoking hotel!!

何やら誇らしげに謳うホテルだった。 6 more words

No smoking hotel (Prologue) (English)

No smoking hotel (Prologue) (1, 2 & 3)


It was, a long trip.

The window doesn’t open even half.

Perhaps…for crime prevention?
No…it doesn’t seem so dangerous. 505 more words

Prologue: Page Two

And then all of a sudden, page two is complete! I suppose I should pace myself more when creating these, but when it comes to my personal project, I enjoy it to a point where it is hard to stop myself. 196 more words

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Balance Reborn - Prologue

The open space glimmered and was more radiant than the brightest day. In this place its vastness spoke of its own nature, infinite, neither empty nor full. 194 more words