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Last Night's' Ron De Vu: Story Development

Last night, I put the baby to bed early and then kissed my husband off to work. All I had left to do was make me a cup of coffee (Dunkin’ Donuts Blend) and then get to writing. 474 more words

The Prologue

Just like most females, Sex and the City is the show that taught me the fundamentals of how to be a strong woman in a hectic world. 158 more words


Beginning the Beginning: Writing an Effective First Chapter (Part One)

You have your characters, your plot and your world. You have at least a rough plan of your story’s contents – perhaps an event, good or bad (usually bad), has an effect on one or several characters. 1,277 more words



I was initially reluctant to ever get another blog, especially since closing down my previous blogspot- which I was tormented on by friends and family for naming every one of my blog posts after baking ingredients. 497 more words


Prologue - Bali Nine - My Story, my struggle, my life.

Prologue :

The day lives were changed forever.

Five gun barrels are pointing directly at my head. Daring me to make any sudden moves. Moments before this, around thirty guys with guns came in the hotel room. 494 more words

Prologue: The Beginning of Becky

“Honey, I’m pregnant.” were not the words I was planning on sayin this morning. Staring down at the pregnancie test, I couldn’t believe my eyes. We hadn’t even been trying for a baby and here this thing was telling me that we were going to have one. 427 more words


prologue: 18 weeks

Sunday, May 17 to Saturday, May 23: at some point ej and I began referring to Baby J as Jack Johnson. It started while running errands one weekend–we were discussing potential names and ej threw out Jack. 497 more words