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Call to Arms

This is my story, although, it’s very very old and not mine alone. It’s a myth, a tale, a heroine’s journey. This blog is about my experiences over this past year, when I began my deep… 417 more words


This a prologue for a novel I'm working on, no title as yet


They called them ancients…
They called them this because these are the few who survived the first war. The war that nearly destroyed our planet. 541 more words


The Uphill Chapters - Prologue.

The book with no last page…
       The Uphill Chapters will be about my life. About the things I experience, the food I cook, the books I read, the make up I apply, the clothes I wear and the places I go. 58 more words

Spyrit Weaver - Prologue

Jayan held the fruits of his labour up to what little light remained around his workbench. The sun was now low in the sky, leaving only the lamps from neighbouring buildings to offer any kind of brightness in the small stitchery. 2,512 more words



It was no surprise to see Ella storming up the driveway, uninvited and unannounced. Ella frequently dropped in to see Sinjin and stay after having arguments with her parents. 176 more words

Creative Writing

There is no place like home by Bohemian RockChick

I have racing thoughts, racing thoughts since well forever. And I always want to write, write and take pictures. lots of words and pictures and pictures and words. 1,028 more words


[Review] Legs & Back X

Day 3:

I think I already said this before, but the thing is I am more confident in using my lower body for exercise.

Anyways, my exercise routine was rudely interrupted today by mom who said that the thumping noise I make while I exercise echoes throughout the entire house. 75 more words