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Hell 'O Vertigo

Don’t make your Otolith angry. It will give you a bad hangover without having to drink nary drop o’ delicious alcohol.

Day 48


Day 142

Day 142: May 22nd 2015. Trees.

Day 142 of my iPhone 365 project. I liked the twisty branches on these trees.

Project 365 For 2015

#Project365 Day 142

Made roasted chicken with basil sauce tonight. The flavors turned out really well and complimented the chicken really nicely! Added bonus that it was really simple to make.


Finding Inner Silence

It’s hard to find anxiety with Minnesota fauna being joyful in your ear.

Day 47


Day 141

Day 141: May 21st 2015. On track.

Day 141 of my iPhone 365 project.

Project 365 For 2015

#Project365 Day 141

Date night with the boyfriend. Tried Zo√ęs Kitchen for the first time after I heard that it serves pretty healthy food. We’ve been looking for yummy healthy restaurants in our area after our favorite place closed down a couple months ago. It did not disappoint.


Behold Our Dark Lord, Cthulhu!

We beseech thee, Great One! Save us from our ignorance!

Day 46