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Week 4 Reflection: Project Revision

The video below is a revision of the week 2 project based on the feedback that was provided after it was reviewed in class.


The Wedding Project 1: Summer in Winter Wonderland

Recently, I had to complete a project for my Lit class and relate what I wanted to do back to what I learned in the course. 306 more words


Paper Abstract in the Studio

Last week and a half, I was tasked with coming up with unique photos of a piece of paper folded up, crumpled or torn. The trick was that I had to use only one sheet of paper, no more than that. 43 more words


Blanket project!

So this is my current project to finish before I go to university! Making myself a homemade candy stripe blanket. It started of pretty small and was slow taking off the ground but then when uni became an actual thing I buckled down and cracked on with it. 171 more words


Day Three Update

Yesterday was dedicated to all of our orientation-y things, and the ten of us Sustainable Bioenergy REU students spent most of the day together with our director, Keith. 373 more words


Exhibition Posters

Here are some of the prints I will have on display at the exhibition. The idea is to have at least one more, however I am not quite finished it yet.