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Red Skies at Night Sneak Preview - Coming Soon

This morning, we received the next to final version of the Red Skies at Night sneak preview.

There are a few final tweaks to make, but I’m very happy with it, and we’re hyping.

Coming soon! 

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Red Skies at Night - Director Thoughts, March 3

After what turned out to be a dramatic, chaotic, expensive and utterly amazing Red Skies at Night film shoot in January, I thought the next step of hiring an editor and creating a ‘teaser,’ aka sneak preview, would take two weeks. 463 more words


Goodbye Blue Sky vs. Red Skies at Night

GOODBYE BLUE SKY is our full length feature film, set in present day Haight Ashbury, San Francisco. In Goodbye Blue Sky, Flower becomes a rock star, and fights alien assassins sent to kill her. 53 more words

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Red Skies at Night Prequel - The Story

FLOWER gets shot down near Los Angeles on the eve of a reality television show wedding. The executive producer struggles to handle the stress of production as well as family issues with his recently adopted, hearing-impaired son Dylan, who finds the badly injured alien dying on the beach. 67 more words

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Red Skies at Night - Script 1.0 Done

I spent the entire weekend on the script for Red Skies at Night, with an intermission on Saturday night of what turned out to be the party of the year, hosted by Lithuanian pals of ours who combined two birthday celebrations into one magical evening for their collective family and friends. 115 more words

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Announcement - Red Skies at Night

The upcoming short film prequel to Goodbye Blue Sky will be entitled ‘Red Skies at Night’ 


Goodbye Blue Sky - Flower Theory Works

Watching a Goodbye Blue Sky audition video — a pop star singing Ave Maria, in Italian. This is great.

I finally have proof that the music component of the Flower theory not only works, but it just might be genius.