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Google's not-so-Loon'y move into wireless

Google and Facebook’s move to bring the internet to the rest of the world, through concepts such as Project Loon, grab most of the media headlines.   172 more words


Project Loon: Scaling Up

Since launching a handful of balloons in New Zealand at the Project launch in 2013 they have flown millions of test kilometers around the world trying to learn what it will take to provide connectivity to everyone, anywhere, with balloons. 33 more words

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THE 21 CENTURY SPACE RACE - Internet for all

“We choose to go to the moon, not because it is easy but because we think there might be chicks there”.….or something like that….The first space race was between the US and A and Putin’s people during the Cold War era back in 1955-1972. 585 more words

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Internet Access as a Human Right

I am constantly connected, both at home and at work, often via multiple devices. And it’s not just my phone and laptop, increasingly service apps are online – I can control my apartment temperature  from the other side of the world via an app. 602 more words

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Zuckerberg says Facebook's giant Internet drones are already flying

Facebook has begun testing its giant, Internet-beaming drone aircraft, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says.

Zuckerberg posted a Facebook update Thursday saying that Facebook’s drones, which would fly over remote communities and beam down Internet signals, have taken test flights in the United Kingdom: 178 more words


This is Nairobi : The Mosquito Menace

There are a lot of Mosquitoes here.

This may not be a surprise to most of you as the terms Malaria and Africa are frequently used in close proximity. 1,015 more words


Astro Teller: Google 'encouraged too much attention' for Glass, more from SXSW

Google’s head of Google[x] Astro Teller took the stage today at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, to talk about the Mountain View company’s secretive experimental lab and the things that the team has learned over years of showing its ambitious projects to the world (via… 476 more words

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