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OMG! I'm gonna be in a wheelchair...

Now, by this title, I don’t want anyone to be offended by it, let me just start off by saying that. But when I was first diagnosed and learned more about  797 more words


Grenouer - Unwanted Today

 You know . . . when a band like Grenouer puts out what is now eight albums and are really good especially in their eighth  219 more words

Metal Reviews

I want the Indiana and Arkansas Religious Freedom Restoration Act to stay in effect and here is why.

It is true,I want Indiana and Arkansas to keep their Religious Freedom Restoration Act to in place. It allows anyone to discriminate anyone they chooses base off their religious beliefs. 143 more words


#GivingUp4Lent: Day 38 (The Theological > Theopoetic Shift)

Hi Friends. Yes, I’m still “Giving Up for Lent,” and no posts these past few weeks has meant 2 things:

1) I’ve been busy with deadlines for other projects. 1,958 more words


Tipping Over

Living in a place like Denver, I think I get spoiled with the energy and the progressive nature of people here. I forget that there are places that still think gay marriage is wrong. 269 more words