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Wrinkled Rebels

“A generation is now growing old, which never had anything to say for itself except that it was young. It was the first progressive generation – the first generation that believed in progress and nothing else…. 218 more words

For The Benefit Of Mankind

Throwback Thursday Sessions 005

For this instalment, I actually made a new mix that was mixed quite spontaneously as I was organizing my vinyl collection. There were a few records I completely forgot I had and discovered them again while re-organizing my collection. 426 more words


Progress Or Progressive...

These two words present an interesting contrast of thought. By definition, progress represents an onward or forward movement toward a specific destination, and progressive represents a gradual step by step development. 155 more words


Free Karda Estra album

Fans of truly progressive music will be thrilled to know that Richard Wileman, the man behind the mercurial Karda Estra, has just posted a free album on the bands Bandcamp page. 71 more words


#StopFastTrack Nationwide #TPP Call-in Day on June 3 (video)

Activists around the globe are fighting the secret corporate takeover “free” trade deal know as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The fast track authority for the TPP is being heard in Congress now. 565 more words


The Johnson Amendment and the Agenda to Silence Christians

We did not get here overnight. Attacks on religious freedoms and on the speech of Christians in America did not just appear in the last several years. 1,856 more words

David's Blog

Beware Hillary’s Feint to the Left

© Josh Sager – May 2015

At the beginning of this article, let me first say that I will almost certainly be voting for Hillary Clinton on election day. 758 more words

Partisan Policy