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Family Fun Day

Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday. This means presents (for baby to open for dad), cake, and sewing time while dad plays his new video games. Padmé had so many smiles to share while she helped daddy open his present. 194 more words


Week 9: The Final Presentation Prep

This week was our last week to work on our cornerstone project and my group members and I spent it writing and making our final presentation that we will present to the judges. 63 more words


Week 8: The Model and Manikin

We are fast approaching the end of this project, and this week we we able to complete all manikin and model work. At the beginning of the week I added a second layer of clay the the pancreas model and formed a few tumors (that are similar to those our patient has) I also painted the model with shade of red paint to complete the look of a unhealthy and cancerous pancreas. 37 more words


Week 7: The Model and Specialty Paper

My group members and I had started working on our pancreas model the week before, but this week we were able to complete a large portion of the model. 80 more words


Week 6: The Model

This week we began to bring our model to life. At the beginning of the week, we found a 3D design that looked similar to a pancreas and put it into a program in which we were able to shape the design to look more like a pancreas. 53 more words


Week 5: Annotated Bibliographies and Model Planning

In the fifth week of the biomedical cornerstone my group and I mostly focused on researching for our specialty papers and completing the first segment of the paper which was a summary and citation of at least six sources we had found. 27 more words