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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I was fortunate enough to experience this view this past weekend. I love the feeling of gliding across the water and being able to experience the world around me in a full 360 rotation. 51 more words

Change is in the air.

Recovery is largely about change. We are changing our beliefs, our habits, our controls, our lives. We are changing from a place of darkness to a place of living. 568 more words


Chapter 2

With the successful completion of my first chapter and prologue I have now moved into writing my second chapter. And third. And fourth. And thirtieth. … 295 more words


Realisations and fire in my belly.

I dunno how many of you will have experienced this, and I guess it will completely depend on your body type and you your body responds but following my little progress updates and seeing changes I have actually felt like my stomach has looked swollen and larger than usual – I originally thought this was maybe due to a few difference in what I have been eating but my diet has always been fairly clean so that didn’t quiet add up. 330 more words

Day 10 - Wondering

Today ( well yesterday I guess now) was interesting for my emotions. I still miss her I think she’s a great woman but I have some serious questions in my head. 389 more words


No Apologies, Just Progress.

Yes, I have been gone for a little while, and it isn’t because I forgot about my blog. It came down to a simple matter of the responsibilities I had promised to complete. 348 more words


A Work in Progress

This will be my Wall of Personal Development :) I will weekly post about my “points” here . The Lowest Point of the week will be in Red. 51 more words

Personal Development