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CodeIgniter Rilis Lagi Toh?

Memang terkait masalah coding saya itu kuper alias kurang pergumulan..eh..kurang pergaulan maksudnya. CodeIgniter dirilis lagi aja saya nggak update. Padahal sudah rilis lagi CodeIgniter 3.0 di tahun 2014 saja saya baru tahunya di tahun 2015 ini. 290 more words

Teknologi Informasi

DIY Signal Handler by Sigaction

In Linux environment, a program is capable of listening and generating signals. A signal is used to inform that an event happened, and it needs attention.The list of signals can be found… 608 more words


Airplanes Are Faster Than Worms (Even Magic Ones)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Counting: Book: I Spy Two Eyes: Numbers In Art by L. Micklethwait.
  2. Topic: Numbers: Using the 100 tile board, I picked about 15 random numbers, and then one kid at a time I named a visible number, which they then had to find and add to the board.  
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Age 5

Staying Late for Sudokus

The Activities

  1. Topic: Money, Addition: Book: Pigs Will Be Pigs by Axelrod. This book is about a family of pigs that hunt through their house for money to go to out to eat for dinner.
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Circle 1

Web Graphic Software Class

Hey, today I am going to talk about my experience on the Web Graphics Software class.

Being a exchange student at Pittsburg State University have helped me to improve my English skills, and also to learn how the things can work well no matter if it is a little different from my originally culture. 485 more words

GIT 221

Another New Beginning

I recently found out that I have reached the aggregate limit for my student loans. This couldn’t have come at a worse time because I only have 9 classes left. 281 more words