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10 funny programming quotes

As a person who enjoys computers and programming, I have noticed that there are a lot of jokes and quotes that I find funny that other people don’t.   203 more words


C Programming Language and others

There are endless opportunities associated with writing programs in the C language. The C language is  very easy to understand and implement and quite similar to the java language as many of us know. 130 more words


Simple Street Index

The simple street index creator, creates a street index and exports to a pdf. The tool selects only roads that intersect the chosen grid layer. It must be run from ArcMap. 348 more words


Sparse Table

Sparse Table RMQ (range minimum/maximum query) টাইপ প্রবলেম সল্ভ করতে কাজে লাগে। একটি Array ‘A’ তে কিছু নাম্বার দেয়া আছে। এখন বলা হল কুয়েরি i to j রেঞ্জ দেয়া হবে, বলতে হবে এই রেঞ্জে এর মধ্যে মিনিমাম নাম্বার কত। এখন Brute force way তে করলে worst case complexity যাবে O(Q*N)। কিন্তু Sparse Table দিয়ে O(N log N) এ pre calculation করে O(1) এ প্রতি কুয়েরির answer দেয়া যায়। 339 more words


Post 1

This is first note about how to write in blog.


using namespace std;

int main()
     cout<<"Hello world"<<endl;

iOS: Vamos falar um pouco de arquitetura

Fala galera, tudo tranquilo? Me chamo Abner Terribili, sou novo no time de Engenharia aqui na Elo7, e atualmente estou no time de mobile. Espero ter boas participações aqui no blog. 1,199 more words


The State of Go & Go in Go

From C to Go

The gc tool chain has been converted from C to Go.

Machine-translated compile tool replaces 6g, 8g, etc.
Machine-translated… 81 more words