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iOS Multipeer Connectivity: invitation races and leader election

This is an informal discussion, and I could be mistaken.

Suppose your app begins advertising its service when the app starts.  Suppose your app has a button the user can click to begin browsing for connections.   395 more words


Designing Interactive Web-Applications is now online!!!

 I have released the first series of video tutorial for interactive web applications development. My next project will be based on Linux fundamentals.


Moores Law

I read this article the other day on the BBC website, and thought it would share it.  Well worth  a read …


Computer Science

List of Overdrive libraries

Well, crud. Overdrive changed their site and hosed me. Previously, they had a page on their site that allowed you to see all of their libary sites/urls. 201 more words


Forex Contest FX Choice: +600pips, ROI 65% & 54 out of 3037

Forex Contest FX Choice is over. We traded automatically. Let’s see what have we got.

Our tool set:

  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Data Mining
  • Free thinkers

By using Data Mining models and execution of trading algorithms we ended with a nice profit and 54th place out of 3037 competitors. 9 more words

Foreign Exchange

SASS and fonts tweak


Here we’re going to tweak the way the SASS is structured, add font awesome, and alter some build settings. This is so that you can just make new SASS files and CSS away without any interference. 263 more words