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Tech Talent South: Wanna' learn the basics of #Javascript, CLT?

Tech Talent South

Wanna’ learn the basics of #Javascript, CLT? We’re hosting a free workshop, we know, we’re awesome. RSVP!

Javascript is one of the most widely used languages to date and knowing the basics can be a huge skill for any professional (or techie). 14 more words

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web application programming languages

a web application is made by a db (of which i’ll care later), source code and assets.

source code is divided into server and client sides. 47 more words


Python List Mutating while looping over elements

Recently, i faced an issue in my code, which made me realise the value of Immutability, also need to understand how everything works in deep. 281 more words

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Highest Demand Programming Languages in March 2015

A question that I hear frequently is: “Which programming language (or languages) should I learn? Usually the person asking is a student and what they really mean is, “What programming language will get me a job?!” My usual answer is that it’s more important to focus on learning concepts (like: inheritance, composition, polymorphism, data structures, design patterns, etc.) because these are pretty much the same regardless of language. 501 more words


Useful Info About JavaScript Frameworks

I’ll get right to the point: if you’re thinking about using a JavaScript framework for applications then you should look at this slick info-graph by Anna Mininkova. 286 more words

Programming Languages

Install Pandas/Numpy/Scipy without root access

If you want to install Pandas on Linux (Ubuntu, Redhat, etc.), but you don’t have root access, the installation may take a while. This is just record how I did it. 82 more words


I like Python! No, wait, Ruby! No, but Python...

I hate Ruby.

There I was, just buzzing along, using Python, satisfied that I knew one of the coolest languages around, and definitely the coolest language you could actually get a job with. 1,346 more words