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I have to say that this week has been my most difficult yet. Besides me forgetting certain things for school and coming to school unprepared today, I’ve had lots of programming fun. 414 more words

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Mixins in Lua With Various Libraries

Lua has no inherent, explicit mechanism for object-oriented programming (OOP). No class keyword or special object type, nothing of the sort. But it is possible to support OOP with varying degrees of complexity, … 900 more words

Programming Languages

What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn in 2015?

What’s the Best Programming Language to Learn in 2015?
I’ve been following programming language statistics for several years. There are a number of data sources including code repositories, Q&A discussions, job advertisements, social media mentions, tutorial page visits, learning video views, developer surveys and more. 232 more words


The History of Programming Languages

In a world of increasing inter-connectivity, programming languages form the foundation. Did you know that the first programming language is over 100 years old and was written by a woman, Ada Lovelace? 60 more words


Introducing DiscoRunner BASIC Interpreter

I’m proud to announce the preview release of a project I’ve been working on (with my partner April) called DiscoRunner.

DiscoRunner is a multi-dialect BASIC interpreter intended to help people (kids, mainly) learn how to code. 143 more words


Why Lua Does Not Allow i += 1, i *= 2, etc

In Lua you cannot write code like this:

i = 0
i += 1

You get a syntax error. Instead you must write:

i = 0
i = i + 1… 295 more words
Programming Languages

A Change

Quit using facebook,twitter and whatsapp no more social networking no more time waste.Now totally focused on programming,robotics,computer science and physics stuff no more bullshit.Now my goal is to learn C and other programming languages to develop algorithms and programs.Hope i stood on my decision. 9 more words