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Death To C

Ladies and gentlemen, the C programming language. It’s a classic. It is sleek, and spartan, and elegant. (Especially compared to its sequel, that bloated mess… 711 more words


The Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) is a compiler infrastructure, written in C++, which is designed for compile-time, link-time, run-time, and idle-time optimisation of programs written in arbitrary programming languages. 272 more words


Utility Functions for Webjumps in Conkeror

Long-time readers probably know that Conkeror is my web-browser of choice. You can customize and create functionality by writing files of JavaScript which Conkeror loads and executes. 406 more words

Programming Languages

How was the first compiler complied?

Ah, that was an interesting question which I dreamt during my Programming Languages and Compiler classes, but I could spend time now to analyse how the first compiler is written. 388 more words


Pascal a programming language , its history and some example code.

Pascal is just one of many programming languages that you can select in order to learn programming skills and then for developing professional applications.

This Wiki page details much about the language of… 783 more words

Nigel Borrington

Programming Languages

In the Higher arrangements it states:

“The candidate must demonstrate knowledge and understanding, practical skills and problem solving based on the following statements:

  • Description and comparison of the procedural, declarative and event-driven languages”
  • 472 more words

Three Haiku on Clojure

These are three random topics about Clojure that are sort of connected, in that all three address Clojure’s incredible flexibility and genericity from different angles. They were born from a few recent small projects that I started. 1,912 more words