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Profits Before Morals: Coca-Colonisation

Coca Cola is part of the latest wave of corporations moving in to Africa to secure markets, land, resources and labour which promise vast corporate profits. 428 more words


On Luck

It’s always the loosing streaks that inch me to the borderline of despair. Times of the such is when I’m overly objective about trading and mostly in search of an explanation for Fortuna’s disdain of me. 860 more words

Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

A shark kills and eats just about every thing in the ocean except the little pilot fish. The reason it does not eat a pilot fish is not because the pilot fish is poisonous or more agile, but it’s simply because they are in a relationship. 477 more words


Wyoming rakes in more than $4.4 Million from taxes on wind-power

Click to enlargeDave Showalter

More than $4.4 million was generated from taxes on wind production across Wyoming in the last fiscal year, according to the state Department of Revenue.

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Create your way to increased profits

Increased sales is not the only way to increase profits

The road to financial growth is paved with creativity; not sales. The future sustainability of well established companies and startups alike is a function of how well you can out innovate the business down the road. 423 more words

It's getting better to be the little guy in US banking

Coming out of the financial crisis, it seemed pretty clear that banks needed size to survive. But now the little guys are catching up.

A big chunk of… 223 more words

US banks made slightly smaller gigantic profits last year

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation just released its quarterly report on the financial health of US banks, and it found that profits fell for the first time since the recession—by 1.1%. 26 more words