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Video: Shrilling Sandberg

It would be a mistake for feminists to claim that companies with more women in positions of power make the company more money…. because they lose it. 20 more words

Increase Adsense Profits With Keyword Strategies And Design templates

Boost Adsense Profits With Keyword Methods And Design templates

We all understand that one fantastic method to earn money online is with the use of adsense adverts being shown on your web sites. 19 more words

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One New Bank Since Dodd-Frank...ONE... and it caters to Amish!

Here’s how screwed up our banking laws are: According to an article by the Wall Street Journal only one bank has opened since the passage in 2010 of called the Dodd Frank banking reform. 196 more words

You Have a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Today - Sorry, We're Kicking You Off the Flight!

Traveling always provides me with wonderful experiences. It also gives brings me face-to-face with many examples of customer service – good and bad.  The airlines are great Petri dishes to incubate both kinds.  472 more words

Myriad Benefits Flow from Engaged Employees

What would happen if every employee at your organization was clear about the connection between what they do and how that contributes to the goals of their organization? 373 more words

Prada earnings took a nasty hit from China's anti-extravagance campaign

The numbers: Not good. Net income (pdf) for the Prada Group, which owns Prada, Miu Miu, Church’s, and Car Shoe, dropped 28% to €451 million ($489 million) for fiscal 2014. 239 more words

Corporate missteps hurt reputations, profits, sometimes in long run

NEW YORK — It was a tempest in a coffee cup. Mega coffee chain Starbucks wanted to spark a conversation about race when it asked … 9 more words