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Analysis of "Roger Ebert: The Essential Man" from Esquire

I noticed that Chris Jones really likes to end his paragraphs with a simple sentence, that very lightly touches all the drama he just unleashed on his readers: “They spend a lot of time like that.” “There was just his voice, and then there wasn’t.” “In his dreams, he is whole.” “Ebert gives it four stars.” 247 more words

Analysis of "The Teen Whisperer" from The New Yorker

It’s been almost a year since I read “The Teen Whisperer,” a profile published in the June 9, 2014 issue of The New Yorker. It’s about John Green, a YouTube personality and author. 238 more words

These Lives

I’d like to begin this experiment the same way Wes Anderson begins his film “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” There’s no telling how long I’ll stay dedicated to this little project, but at the end of the day, everything said here will contribute to the development of my writing and storytelling skills.  340 more words

Dr. Eddie M. Connor Jr talks recent release of his new book and what inspires him

While making my rounds, this particular gentleman suddenly appeared just when I thought I was done conducting interviews. He not only was a vendor but also happened to be a speaker at A La Carte Galore’s Empowerment Dinner and Networking Mixer. 1,179 more words


Business Spotlight: Let Them Eat Cake Detroit LLC

Paige Agee of Let Them Eat Cake Detroit LLC was another vendor at A La Carte Galore’s one year anniversary event. Although, she was not in physical attendance, her lovely treats were. 420 more words


Business Spotlight: Chynna of Bombshell Lyfe shares her business goals and what makes Bombshell Lyfe the hair company you've been looking for

I met Chynna at A La Carte Galore’s Empowerment Dinner and Networking Mixer also known as their one year anniversary event. She was looking ever so radiant (as you can see in her photos below) which drew me to her company and brand even more. 481 more words


"All the Wrong Men": What They're Seeking

It’s common to find lies in the self-descriptions in dating profiles. Hell, even many of the photos are essentially lies and misrepresentations. But when it comes for describing what they’re seeking in a mate, honesty shines through.

All The Wrong Men