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Former AVC Player at the Drew

Jason JJ Johnson, 2-guard, from Antelope Valley and played basketball at D-1 ball at Utah Valley U and NAIA ball at San Marcos U.

Playing Drew League ball this year getting ready of rumored Pro-Ball stint?

AVC Men's Basketball

What would you do? Do you throw another agent into the sinkhole?

So a couple of weeks ago I received an email from a homeowner that wanted my opinion on the price he should list his home for. 314 more words

Buyers Agents

In Pursuit of Good

Anything Less is Counter-productive

The world is full of good people with wonderful intentions.  The world is also full of bad people with evil intentions.  My past week has been filled with: “he said/she said”, “You won’t believe this”, or “Why are they bashing people like this?”  It was an exhausting week, and I feel drained of energy to do my creative work.  431 more words

Unsavory Human Behavior

How to build the perfect submission entry

You’ve hit the nail on the head! It’s time to enter the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) Awards. Submitting an entry is no mean feat, but we have the best building material to help you write an award-winning submission. 367 more words

Lawn Care Westport, CT Professionals Share Garden Saving Tips

When it comes to lawn maintenance, you can save time, effort and money with the tips provided above. Enjoy a vibrant and healthy lawn without breaking your back or the bank. 20 more words

Why You Need Stratford, CT Lawn Care Professionals For Your Japanese Gardens | Awesome House Design

Japanese Zen gardens evoke nature’s gloriousness in a compact space. Lawn Care Stratford CT professionals agree that a lot of work is involves having a Japanese Zen garden. 19 more words

Additional thoughts on Pricing your services...

Someone called me out of the blue a few weeks ago eager to talk to me about my work.  She followed up with an email and another call seeming quite anxious as she wanted my help. 249 more words