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Tips from Skin Clinic Professionals: Eat Right for Healthier Skin

Wrinkles are the ultimate signs of aging. Even the most gorgeous Sydney women dread the day when the creases and crows’ feet begin to pervade the landscape of their face. 97 more words


Shelton’s Foreign Friends?

I put out an article about Shelton Boykin yesterday and people from these countries read his article. Hmmmmm. 


AVC Men's Basketball

From“Shooter” to CEO…

“Every JUCO player has a story.”

I have been following Junior College Basketball(JUCO) for 20+ years.  Following means attending practice, summer scrimmages, pre-conference tournaments, conference games and playoff/state tournaments.  I remember the games, the tournaments, the trips to the State Tournaments but I best remember the players. 799 more words

AVC Men's Basketball

Hot Topic - Networking

Networking is key to a successful career.  If allows you to climb the corporate ladder, find new jobs, and navigate your career.  College is an excellent time to start networking, since established engineers can help you find internships and jobs while providing career guidance.   184 more words

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Use Scotchgard to extend your goods’ life and save good money

Anything which can be found in a home can be prone to disasters and deterioration. Sure, time itself has the ultimate word in how bad they’re going to get but that process is slow and there are ways we can protect our fabrics, furniture and carpets until time gets the final word and why not take advantage and extend our goods’ life? 259 more words

Wired at Work

“I guess its my curse and my blessings, I’m either 150% or nothing,” Patrick Graham joked. His wit and confidence is accompanied by the sincerity beaming from his blue eyes. 947 more words


Welcome to MarieEllen's world, for the ears and the eyes

One thing that resonates life to me, and to anyone else who has ever eaten an orange, smelt a red rose, or heard the song of a bird in their lifetime, or touched a furry animal; is our amazing abilities to sense; to feel things, to see things in colour and of course the way we can hear sound, and also in many cases feel it. 144 more words

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