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The Company You Keep!

You are in all intense and purposes the company you keep. Be careful with whom you share your information with as loyalty may not be what their about. 41 more words


Better Yourself Today!

Somewhere out there is another individual who has the same ambitions, goals, and dreams as you do but is a bit more active when it comes to putting in the work in making it happen for themselves. 65 more words


Your Story 

What do you really want out of life? This picture identifies tomorrow as a fresh start to create a story based off whatever you dream of it becoming, for me it’s finding happiness by making my loved ones happy through my success. 42 more words


How You Pull It Off

There’s nothing better than a great fitted suit to set off any occasion. It shows style, etiquette, confidence, and class depending on how you hold yourself while wearing it or “pull it off”. 45 more words



This is a great look for either a work day or an outing. The suspenders really set this outfit off. #GentlemansAmbition



Either RESULTS or EXCUSES but NOT both! There is no middle ground when it comes to progression or non progression. If your not ready to take that ride on the road to success for whatever reason then fine that’s your choice but once you start the car to take that journey then it’s either all or nothing! #GentlemansAmbition


"Professional" VS "Amateur"

These terms have now been debated to death and back, and personally, I think it is a waste of time to be tangled in “terms” 3,652 more words