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Top 9 Challenges of a Young Professional

1. Limited Options: The economy sucks and there are no jobs! This is something that I hear many fresh graduates say. Coming out of college, it is hard to find jobs that don’t require experience, but its a catch 22 because you can’t get experience unless you find a job! 938 more words


Personal Motivation & Professional Relevance, Part 1

Most humans develop their initial thoughts and feelings about life from external sources of learning, influence and motivation.   These sources usually include parents, peers and personal heroes.   506 more words


When Bad Translations Happen to Good People

I received an assignment from a long-standing client last week that made my Spidey-sense tingle as soon as I read the instructions. It was billed as a super easy review of a translation done in-house at a hospital, which should take no more than half an hour. 800 more words

"I'll go [get lunch], I am the cheapest person here"

When one of my consultants volunteered to go pick up food for the rest of the team, this made my day . . .because he understood the way consulting works. 484 more words


Feedback Guts, Part 2

I wanted to splay my fingers over my eyes while opening the document that had the results of my President’s Performance Feedback survey. There were two questions… 598 more words


What makes a true professional?

Being new to the workforce makes me wonder what is the difference between an old pro and the newbie. When I think of an old pro, I imagine a blue suited, seasoned consultant type with black framed glasses and grey hair. 219 more words