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The non existent so called 'privacy'

Some could argue that online privacy is subjective, however how each individual defines privacy is another subjective matter. At a young age one is not concerned with privacy or possibly unaware of how crucial it is to be controlling what information you allow others to know and view. 435 more words


How to dress for an interview!

Get ready guys, it’s time to ‘suit up!’ If Barney Stinson can do it every day why can’t you for just one day? Don’t know where to start? 634 more words


Competition from the second and third force

Gone are the days when you were hired to  take pictures at a wedding or corporate event you knew that you had the monopoly of covering the event by yourself and your assistant or if there were to be onother photographer you were told about it in advance.You would arrive at the venue well on time,meet your colleague  shake hands and discuss the logistics of the shoot.Each photographer would get his/her brief and the rest of the day or evening would go smoothly. 320 more words


Company clothing... corporate branding... what's all the fuss about?

With the recent launch of our social media sites, we here at SmarterMarks thought it only right to also keep our customers and followers abreast with regular blog entries. 570 more words


Spaghetti Squash Scrumptiousness!

If you’re still on a mission to stick to your New Year’s resolution and eat well, then give this delicious recipe a go! Not only is it healthy, but it’s super quick to make and tastes scrumptious! 293 more words


What to Expect in Your First 90 Days

The Placement Exchange is still offering tons of helpful webinars, including ones to help you transition out of graduate school and in to your professional role.   55 more words


Rest is Draining

Status: Taking a Few Days Off 

Taking some time off is always imperative for every athlete. After treading rough water the past two weeks, a few days away from tennis was needed. 243 more words