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6 Ways To Be More Productive At Work - Forbes.com

We’d all like to be more productive at work, but like anything worthwhile, improving your¬†productivity takes effort and requires constant tweaking of your approach. … 533 more words


Getting out of the office more often

It never ceases to amaze me how much more productive I can be when I work outside of my office.

Today I have a deposition in La Grange. 171 more words


Feedback made easy: Add comments on Dropbox files

Whether you’re collaborating on a business proposal or putting together a vacation itinerary, working with multiple people can be difficult. It can involve lots of back and forth conversations, scattered across email threads and chat windows. 357 more words

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Is Your Association Board Nimble?

By Jalene Bowersmith, Executive Director

The board for the Widgets of the World Association (WoWA) is having their monthly meeting. During the meeting the president announces that the National Thingamajig Association (NATA), a rival organization, has just released an online certification program. 604 more words

Best Practices

How to Spark and Sustain Your Own Stroke of Genius

How do you develop a great idea? And gain a following around it? And make money from it? Where on earth is that inspiration you’re seeking – and how do you elicit – and sustain – your own special stroke of genius? 58 more words


What Entrepreneurs can Learn from The Commission

Are you serious?

What can entrepreneurs really learn from the Commission?

Do you actually believe valuable lessons can be gained from the mafia?

Without hesitation, I believe that entrepreneurs can learn a great deal of valuable information from the mafia. 462 more words


6 Easy Steps To Making A (Good ) Habit Stick

Science proves that it takes approximately 66 days to build a habit.¬†Whatever. Everyone is different. It takes some people longer than others, and quite honestly, it’s the approach you take to habit building that becomes the tell-all story on whether or not a habit will stick. 421 more words