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Improving Work Space Happiness

I live in an apartment, so my office is also my bedroom, music room, and art studio.  I am lucky that it’s a decent sized space into which I’ve been able to fit two desks, two large bookcases, a filing cabinet, my harp, music stand, and chair, as well as my bed.  874 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Don't wait for the right time..

There really is no right time to do anything. Waiting only wastes precious moments of your life. You want to do something, find a way to do it now or as soon as it possibly can be done. 45 more words


Bums in Seats - the Bad Proxy for Productivity

.”The person that’s leaving early on Friday probably isn’t disloyal.”

That’s quote from an real business owner. One who had never considered that the first person to arrive and the last to leave wasn’t there because he has working hard, but because it was what they needed to do to stay caught up. 205 more words


Unproductive Meetings

I seriously believe that some people feel important to say “I am in a meeting.” Now don’t get me wrong, meetings are important but should only be done when necessary. 315 more words


Kickstart Your Day with These 5 Great Habits

That’s a guest post I wrote for Addicted2Success.
You can read the whole article here.

A good day starts with a great morning ritual. One that consists of healthy habits, some quiet time for yourself and successful routines. 244 more words


Manage your time

Time management is an everlasting discussion, and there are so many different techniques that exist out there. Therefore, every person has its own method to manage his time. 245 more words

Have a Chore Problem?

*lovely lists for list lovers*

Oh, good old chores! We all have our own special relationship with home chores, don’t we? I am aware there are people handling them just fine while others struggle to get things done. 46 more words