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The prodigal son returns

I know I know I’ve been gone for a very long time (maybe even more than a month) but I am back I’ve done some reading and lived some life stuff to have a lot of blog stuff so I’m back people I’m back. 135 more words

Transcending Mysticism

In our times and in the omniscient West, it seems that there is no longer space for mysticism. Although all religions have mystical branches, perhaps called asceticism in some, such behavior is now frowned upon. 575 more words


Nettles and Journeymen

Stinging nettles hurt.

I found this out when I was twelve years old, tromping through the forest next to my family’s summer cabin in the Appalachian mountains.  478 more words


Believe. Stand your ground. Don't leave your post!

I wonder… I wonder… I wonder…

The past few days have been something else. Experienced being on edge filled with anxiety and the walls that were once shut, are now breaking open. 961 more words

Returning Home

Our small group has been going through the book Transformed by Caesar Kalinowski. Caesar is a missional leader with Soma network of churches in Tacoma, Washington and the whole book basically guides you into living out of our real identity as Christians: a family of missionary servants sent as disciples to make disciples. 105 more words


Mission to Africa????

Oh how do I love my college class. II’m taking a religions class at the community collge in my area this semseter and I am more than happy about it! 382 more words

God's Message for You

So, I was buzzing around full of the Holy Spirit and (way too much) French press coffee and contemplating my next blog post.  I had a couple ideas I was pretty excited about but I felt like God was speaking to me about a special message He wants me to share.  549 more words