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As always, I am the best at procrastinating and this Spring Break I did just that!  2 weeks off and I only had one thing I needed to do…read a novel for the first day back and….I did no such thing till today!  35 more words

Puzzle 46 / Fillomino [LITS + Extra Region + Walls + Anti-Walls + Inequality + Tapa + Masyu]

5:27 PM phenomist: do you use gridderface to make pretty puzzles?

5:52 PM phenomist: actually nvm excel is probably easier lol

Okay I’m sorry this is a horrible puzzle where the rules don’t make sense and I didn’t even get it testsolved.

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I can’t focus… wish my boyfriend responded to me too.

-inserts sad doggy Facebook sticker-


Omg… random comment but LMFAOOOOO I just came up with a new tag for relationship problems: relationshit. RELATIONSHIT! THAT’S PERFECT HAHAHAHAHAHA


I have learned over the years that procrastinating is kinda dangerous. Your grades are on the line. And yet, I still do it. Everyday. It’s in my nature. 245 more words


Confession: I am an overachiever

I am an overachiever. I try to do too much with too little, and I overestimate my ability to complete tasks in a certain amount of time. 464 more words

Personal Development

Procrastination and The Law Of Attraction or " Why Has My Next Post Taken So Long to Write?"

For a long time I have been planning my next blog post. Planning-really? Why not call it what it really is-procrastinating. Oh, believe me I have thought about writing a new post daily; but things got in the way, daily. 885 more words

day 663: how procrastination leads to depression

For context, please listen to this desteni portal interview about the design of procrastination. It seems to me I am walking/falling behind in my process, instead of making progress, there is a certain regression. 835 more words