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When "Useful" Procrastination Isn't

One of my greatest and arguably most detrimental skills is procrastination. Not to brag or anything, but I am truly gifted in this department. I’m so good that I’ll very often trick myself into useful procrastination, so it’s easier to justify. 728 more words


Things I Think While I'm Trying To Write

This morning I got up really early, headed to a café and proceeded to write!

1. I should start writing.
2. All it takes is to start then I’ll be on my way. 384 more words


The challenges of ending a "Book One"

Nearly two months without a blog post (which was just a rant about something that seemed important at the time)… I’ve really been dragging my knuckles. 575 more words


Why Editing a First Draft Sucks (for me at least)

I got up this morning in a fairly good mood. I put my daughter on the school bus, made breakfast and then stopped to smell the proverbial roses. 112 more words


The Hidden Art of Procrastination

Hi, my name is -I’ll tell you later- and I’m a procrastinator.

Today I will show you how to put the pro in procrastining. First things first 135 more words


Keep Showing Up.

I would say one of my favourite pastimes is avoiding writing. And I don’t mean merely not writing. I mean having the intention to write–being mentally, spiritually, almost physically tethered to this intention–and then doing everything in my power to not carry out this intention. 717 more words


Is procrastinating and self doubt stunting your success?

Three years ago I was a few months away from turning 40 years old. I was about to OFFICIALLY be OLD! Of course, like a lot of people when you start feeling like you’re getting old, I started thinking about all of the things in life I wanted to do but didn’t and should have accomplished but hadn’t. 668 more words

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