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Fairy Tales Should Be Illegal

How outrageous! You gasp in horror, as you’ve just read the title of this post. I think not. And here’s why.

As a little girl, you long to hear the stories of the beautiful girl who is running down the marble staircase at midnight and loses her shoe. 1,002 more words

NOW or never

Note to Self:

There will always be a million and one reasons why we ‘can’t’ right now: “It’s not a good time,”  “I’m just too busy,” or the infamous (and my personal favorite), “I’ll start on Monday.” The problem with these ‘legitimate’ reasons to procrastinate is that they aren’t just present now or today, they are present tomorrow and every moment after. 249 more words


I Want To be Like Other Girls...

Uhm, so I’m a total Disney geek. (The title is the name of a really cool song from Mulan 2, sung by the Princesses…) I mean, I DON’T want to be like other girls, because other girls aren’t the Queen. 346 more words

Tracing meridians for energy and health

I’ve done this and it feels great. Donna Eden shows how to trace the meridians (energy paths) in the body in order to feel energized. She is one of the speakers on the tapping conference on day 6 or 7, she’s still on now in my timezone. 532 more words



To leave to another day or time; To delay a action. 

This is what I am currently doing to get out of writing my 2000 word lab report due next week.. 202 more words



I must spend at least four hours a day procrastinating on youtube, and it is a constant battle of my inner morals. These youtubers after all help me through life, they make me laugh, give tips and are always there for support at the click of a button. 118 more words


If you could get paid for procrastinating I’d be the best and highest paid procrastinator. When I procrastinate I take pictures, I doodle, I watch a bunch of old movies and I sleep. 33 more words