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OK, so now I really am done.

Copies shipped off to beta readers and everything. Now I get to wait for feedback, and find out if anyone else loves this book the way I do. 16 more words



With Revealed I am tentatively moving in a new direction, at least for the time being. I am currently approaching the painting as the object in and of itself. 250 more words

Mixed Media

so i cleaned out my silverware drawer....

that counts as process, right?

i’m trying to nighttime wean poppy. he is not happy, but i need sleep. and the child is not letting me sleep for want of boob-time. 110 more words


Gottfried Keller's 'Der Grüne Heinrich'

Heinrich Lee loves the world and most of its inhabitants. The buffetings he endures do not shake his confidence in life, and never in his blackest moments is he filled with despair about the ‘human condition’ or any such abstraction. 1,064 more words


A refreshing diversion....

I’m taking a break from birds, animals or gold this week to indulge an idea that’s been rolling around in my head for weeks.

I’m so in love with how green all the foliage is everywhere here at the moment – everywhere I look I keep seeing plant shapes, so many juicy leaves – I found this incredible twirling mass of vines and leaves in a hothouse the other day and have been busting to paint it. 162 more words


How to sell a car

People assume a lot. For instance, they assume you’ll instinctively know the procedure to follow, when selling your vehicle. It’s a bit harsh to expect a first time car seller, to know the 19 step process prior to handing over the keys. 491 more words