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Instructional Design Process

I thought this was a great visual of the Instructional Design process (this is from Salt Lake City Community College’s Instructional Design department resources):

On the Production Line

Bob Here.

Having been on home hemodialysis for over two years now, I have to make a confession that became clear after I travelled recently and had to go back in-center for a treatment. 1,463 more words


Cheaper to Manufacture a Car Than the Owner's Manual?

Most companies are able to determine almost to the penny how much it costs them to manufacture a product. If you watch Shark Tank,  you’ll note the keen interests of the investors on how much it  currently costs for the product to be produced.   104 more words

Fishin’ Buddies : MangaStudio Process

Fishin’ Buddies is my latest experiment in MangaStudio 5. Much of this piece was done using custom brushes designed by Ray Frenden. Let’s take a look… … 362 more words


Do You Know About Pet Fostering?

The pet adoption process is more complicated than many people realize. In fact, there are numerous steps involved that prepare an animal to enter a brand new forever home. 145 more words

The Long Saudade Crankie Saga

By far the most time-consuming part of building Saudade was the crankie which forms the bulk of the show. Additional images appear on the side screens, but most of the action happens on this very long roll of Tyvek in front of an LED light. 212 more words

Puppet Building

Farmers Market Posters

I created three posters for Downtown Wilmington’s Farmers Market. I designed for three specific audiences, families, potential vendors, and people who work in Wilmington. To suit these audiences I designed each of the posters to have different content and different design elements. 476 more words