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5 P's of A Great Team Member

Every person that serves in our youth ministry is called a team member. Team members have the unique role to be used by God to bless and build His Church. 532 more words


Sales People Are Heroes. How Can We Help Them?

Think of a Super Hero – free of choice: Batman, Superman, Spiderman – or why not Bruce Willis as Super-Cop John McClane in the first Die Hard movie from 1988… 566 more words


Stopping at 20 pips

Many of you are aware of my struggles of Forex trading.    I have finally deduced that there are really two main issues with my trading.   Both of which are breaking @robbooker 2 rules: 260 more words



This model is looking at how to join and align the fins to create easy assembly and keep the design intent.  Test #1 22 more words


Monday Evening Post

Seductress of the Deep

Okay, this post is a biit NSFW >_<, so I’m setting it apart from the post Oliver the cat will be featured in, which will be published as a secondary Monday Evening Post, in the evening. 363 more words