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Growing up today

I’m growing up today; and older by tomorrow.  See…..

I find I am wiser than I was before, yet I’m constantly in pursuit of more. 111 more words

C21 H23 NO5

He gone say, I got you
And she say uh huh , sure
She’s morphine to his fiend
He can’t resist the pull
But he never stops… 172 more words


“Do I Want to Get Better?” Part 1

Think about this question through the lens of any ongoing long-term problem that you might have.  We all have different problems, but which ones persist and stay with you? 1,231 more words

The Jesus Questions

Do You Collapse Under Stress?

Do any of you collapse, physically or emotionally, when stress or problems become too much? And then have to rest in bed for a day or more? 15 more words

A little like Goldilocks.

There was a very naughty person who completely zoned out of life and forgot everything she was meant to do. Guess who that is everybody? 219 more words


Revelation from 35,000 ft. 

It was just me and the Earth. As I write this I am currently flying. I believe somewhere over the Rockies at this moment as I see tons of mountains and some snow. 139 more words

Jameis Winston’s new explanation for crab legs theft could cause problems for Florida State


Jameis Winston didn’t steal the crab legs after all, he finally admitted this week, he just got them for free. But there’s a chance the Heisman Trophy winner’s decision to tell his full side of the story could cause headaches for his former school. 888 more words

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