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Do I like programming?

I’m often faced with this kind of question and I’m not sure about the answer.

I like problem solving – following a series of deduction/reasoning to solve a certain problem/task. 162 more words


Codility and the "K complementary pairs in array" challenge

Recently I had to confront myself with Codility, for those who don’t know it Codility is an online tool that provides coding challenges and it is often used by companies in the process of hiring new people when they want to test people’s coding skills. 511 more words


Problem Solving

Apparently, it is quite hard to define the word design. I like to think of design as a method of solving problems. A designer finds a problem, and works to solve that problem. 149 more words



I have been really confused and needed help with making things ‘fly’. I searched everywhere on the internet but I couldn’t find anything that would help me. 49 more words

Problem Solving

Drawing of 10 at night ( clock tower)

After taking the photographs of the night  I had idea of going doing the image of the clock tower  in different material.  I started doing the  one in soft pastels  it was going all right at first then it started to go a bit dodgy, the clock tower part started to curve what in a few ways is good because of its different  a bit like Tim Burton style as well is  Gothic  but it don’t give the glowing effect so I think I have to start doing it in ink or some other material . 211 more words

Practical Skils

Rehab... Why do the basics of Rehabilitation matter in Physiotherapy?

Reading around the interactive physio world, there are many fascinating clinicians out there tweeting, blogging and interactively discussing a wide variety of physiotherapy and rehabilitation issues. 859 more words


Character development

I used a pen to sketch out roughly what I want my characters to look like. I am going to develop these digitally.

I drew it out again in my sketchbook then scanned it in onto the computer. 34 more words

Problem Solving