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I See Muda, Mura and Muri Everywhere

I learnt about an interesting concept in an unusual situation. Over the weekend, I was waiting in the check-out line in Costco (a local wholesale warehouse / store) with only couple of items bought to ring through the cash registers. 778 more words

Decision Making

Engaging with Families: Continuing the Dialogue

The Coordinator’s Community of Practice is a professional network of individuals from around the U.S. serving in the role of Check & Connect coordinators. Four times a year this community is invited to participate on a call related to helping coordinators implement Check & Connect with fidelity. 2,374 more words



when perfectionism haunts me,
my finger’s quick to point
and my heart crucifies the cause

but apart from You,
these fluids flow in vain

and nothing but the cross of Jesus
could ever pave the way

Reality Bites

Problem Solving

I am aware of potential problems that are happening; both expected and unexpected problems. From exposing my screen and the emulsion not working or the exposure time being too much or layering acetates for a better image, to the chemicals not arriving for Cyanotype. 42 more words

Evaluation And Reflection

Time to Talk: Stress-Free Reading

Therapy Dogs and Reading

When I was in first grade, my family began to notice my lack of interest in reading. I spent most of my time building villages in my sandbox, drawing, and climbing trees, while they always carried a book everywhere they went. 938 more words

Contributing Writer

Get Ready, Get Set, Change!

You know when to change the oil in your car, because the windshield sticker has the 3-months/3,000 miles date on it. You know when it’s time to change the baby’s diaper because … well, you just know! 488 more words

Jay Feld

How NOT to Write a Query Letter ~ #publish #pubtip

I feel like tagging this post #amlearningthehardway, because that is how a lot of people tend to do it.

Slush Pile Hell publishes the worst boo boos that come across Agent’s desks. 97 more words