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Problems with The Final Piece.

I had an idea of what I wanted to do for my final piece, and I knew I wanted to either produceĀ a big A1 drawing or one or two A2 sized drawings. 597 more words

Problem Solving


Everyone. At one point or another, suffers a pain or loss that comes with a natural human reaction. How you choose to react to something or someone is detrimental to how it will play out. 451 more words


Problems with Compostion.

My ideas for the final piece where all over the place, I could not decide whether or not I wanted a full drawing of a horse, or a more focused in drawing of maybe the head or the eye. 195 more words

Problem Solving

Problems with Biro Drawings.

I want to stick with the biro drawings as I love the detail that they show, but they take a lot of time, and as I was experimenting at this point, I wanted to create quick sketches that was still realistic without taking weeks to create which I know that when I come to creating my final piece..that would. 125 more words

Problem Solving

Problems with Etchings.

I love etching and I was really excited to start again, however the problems I found with this, is that it is very time consuming and I would of had to draw out a new image and then trace over it on the etching plate, and it would take tame that I didn’t have, so I decided to use one of my original drawings and create prints from that. 108 more words

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Problems with Collage.

Because I tried out Collage as I was really interested in Derek Gores’, I started collaging over the top of one of my original photos, which went really well as I cut out pieces of newspaper and different coloured paper to make the image look a lot more realistic. 136 more words

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Practical skills

On the day of filming, I got help from Corey, my peer from college and my friend outside of college, I got his help because he is new to making videos and he enjoys making promotional videos and is a very creative person and always follows orders and gives me good ideas also. 58 more words

Problem Solving