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Montréal: Museum Visit

This is the big Irish Elk! We’re at the Redpath Museum having a great time! For more information on this place see the video in the link below.

From Sam

Montréal: Good Morning!

Every morning around 700 construction starts across the street. An 8000 lb post driver starts hammering out our window, waking us up like a giant alarm clock.

By Reece

Montréal: Old City

Today we walked around old Montreal. We had people presenting their historical Canadian speeches. We saw a really colourful building with colourful panes glass! Old Montreal was really pretty. 29 more words

Montréal: In the City

We have been in Montreal for the past few days, and have seen and done all sorts of cool things. We have seen lots of old buildings mixed in with skyscrapers, and suprisingly Macdonalds has opted for the older look. 23 more words

Montréal: Skating

Today we went to Mont Royal to skate. We rented our skates and got on the ice. There were some beginners, but eventually they got the hang of it.

By Audrey

Montréal: Climbing

Today we went up to Mont Royal we had to climb this huge mountain all the stairs were covered in ice and snow so it was really hard to get up the hill but when we did it was fabulousness we had so much fun skating then on the way down we got to slide down so climbing up was worth it we thought we were going to slide into traffic and get by a car which is always fun…

By Gabby


Dear God, Please Forgive Me for Hating Jessica Maloney

Written by Junia Wonders

Illustrated by Divin Meir

At the beginning of the story, the reader meets the author who is writing a letter to God asking for forgiveness for hating Jessica Maloney. 330 more words

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