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Private property and rising water – more discussion

Thomas Rupert ended his post, “Regaining the Commons and the Dialectic on the Private,” with this:

Sea-level rise and its challenges provoke us to reclaim our right, indeed our need, for a constant dialogue about the meaning of property.

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Rising Sea Water

#PoliceState Update: The cops have become the robbers

As local police agencies are stressed by rising pension and other costs, they increasingly have embraced this troubling policy: Using “civil asset forfeiture” to take as much private property as possible, even from people who have never been convicted or even charged with a crime. 123 more words

Sacramento Update

Concern grows over the future of hiking on Oahu

On Friday afternoon, a 27-year-old female hiker died after falling 500 feet off the Makapuu Tom Tom Trail in East Oahu.

The tragic accident is just one of many search and rescue attempts firefighters have responded to this year alone. 373 more words


"The Bane Of Political Life In America": For Conservatives, Government Coercion Is Bad — Except When It's Not

For conservatives, government coercion is the bane of political life in America. As members of the self-styled anti-government party, they very much are interested in making the case that coercion is inherently illegitimate, whether it is a law requiring you to purchase health care or a law requiring businesses to serve LGBT customers. 583 more words


Segui Beachfront, the New Lombok Holiday Property Target

Lombok has many opportunities to offer for those interested in Lombok investment, especially in property. While some areas such as Kuta, Senggigi, Gili Trawangan and Bukit have been quite crowded, there are still many areas that are still pristine, quiet, yet have good future potential for development. 353 more words

Lombok Investment

Walter Block and Daniel Webster: Could a Free Society Be a (Voluntary) Slave Society?

It has now been over a decade since libertarian Santa Claus, Walter Block, published the essay, “Toward A Libertarian Theory Of Inalienability: A Critique of Rothbard, Barnett, Smith, Gordon, Kinsella, and Epstein”. 1,527 more words