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Does Your Neighbor Have a Dump Truck?

Read your HOA contract…..because the below may apply to you if you live in GA

In Parker v. Peaceful Valley Property Owners Assn., 271 Ga. 325, 326(1), 519 S.E.2d 440 (1999), the Supreme Court of Georgia considered a restrictive covenant that required all property in a subdivision “be used exclusively for residential purposes” and that limited each lot “to one single family dwelling house and one building for a garage.” Id. 91 more words

Spoils of War

Has the “War on Drugs” become a secret war on private property?  This “war” is a war with vague rules of engagement and little obvious success in reducing drug use.  298 more words

Ghost Developments Research Sketches [1]

What follows is a series of research sketches, avenues, questions and ideas. The post is intended to be fairly open-ended as many of these research interests are in their infancy and will be built-upon or continue to be addressed in future posts. 4,107 more words

Built Environment

“But Who Would Build the Roads?!” A Response to the Age Old Question in Less Than 1,000 Words

(Article by Skyler Miller)

Every self-described libertarian, capitalist, and fan of limited government has probably been asked the question, “But who would build the roads?!” For those of you who are tired of explaining the finer points of free market road construction, I have written this short article that will inspire even the most devout “road socialist” to tear down their local department of transportation. 913 more words


(VIDEOS) Friedrich A. von Hayek lays out the BASIC economics MOST AMERICANS IGNORE

Keep in mind, during the discussion, that “unemployment” programs become synonymous for welfare programs as a whole, not just the traditional unemployment benefits we refer to today.


Case Managers Violating Civil Liberties


How can Margret Finn and Johnny Juan Garcia validate their actions as reputable case managers, seeming they both have violated a client’s (a U.S. 746 more words

Savannah into Wheat Fields

As the Dawes Act weakened the tribes in the U.S by parceling out reservation land to individuals, a new law in Kenya is doing the same to the land of the Maasai. 40 more words