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Getting messages from strangers on Facebook? Privacy setting might be to blame

Last week I was browsing through my Facebook messages and happened to notice I had a message from a stranger.

The message was not in my inbox but rather  in a section called ‘others.’ At first I saw I had two messages that were unread, the first one started was from a guy called Josh. 219 more words

Backyard Privacy

Heather from Halifax wrote to me earlier this month. She described a problem that I am sure many of us can relate to: lack of privacy in her non fenced backyard when she is having dinner with her family or just spending quiet time hanging out. 696 more words

More information emerges regarding Android M's detailed app permission controls

Earlier this year, a report emerged claiming that Google was planning on giving Android users more control over app permission settings. At the time, it was rumored that Google would add the ability to give users the ability to manually select what pieces of information to which apps have access. 160 more words


Lightbeam: Showing us What we Don't See

I consider myself a very technologically savvy and learned user of the Internet/ web browsers. When assigned to install Lightbeam on Firefox (an add-on that tracks third party site interactions and cookies) and report my findings after 20 minutes of web browsing, my first thought was: “Well, there ain’t going to be anything!” Well… 404 more words


Garcia v. Google Update: 9th Circuit En Banc Panel Agrees With Me

A while back I wrote a post about how copyright was the wrong theory to handle a preliminary injunction in the Garcia v. Google case over the controversial “Innocence of Muslims” film trailer. 234 more words


Essential Software: Comodo Internet Security

Comodo has done something no other company has been able to do; ever.  They have developed the best anti-virus, anti-malware, and firewall you can buy all rolled in one suite… 334 more words