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Mayday, Mayday! I'm losing Facebook data!

Along with the warming days of spring a chill on social listening will soon be upon us. On May 1, 2015 Facebook will have retired their Graph API 1.0 and with that goes the capability to perform a key word search on posts across all publicly facing pages. 695 more words

Social Media Analysis And Insight

Your Unauthorized Biography

When we die, each one of us leaves behind an archive. How much control do we have over that material once we have shuffled off this mortal coil? 1,091 more words


mohammedans murder gay men for allahs' glory

A group of Islamic State militants posted a startling video showing two men being stoned to death for being gay. Prior to the stoning, the ISIS murderers can be seen hugging the victims and telling them that they have been forgiven of their sins.

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Good Grief

EU Court of Justice rules on Regulation regarding standards for collecting and using biometric data in passport production

…But side-steps the bigger issue about the compatibility of possible secondary use and storage of such biometric data with privacy and data protection law

With the development of biometric technology and its expanding use in the public and the private sector, privacy and security concerns are increasingly growing and formal guidance correspondingly sought on the legal rules that govern them.

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Steganographic applications

Steganography is the practice of concealing something in something else. For instance hiding a text message inside a larger body of text. There is no cryptography. 688 more words

Shared Data


We have a wonderful little bubble, you and I. We’re living and loving in this alternate reality, where nothing exists but the me and you, the we and us. 160 more words

Prison Break With No Break

If you are a criminal or planning to commit a crime, then the Scandinavian prisons can be a “dream” destination for you. There is an emphasized “humanitarian” note in the approach of the Scandinavian penalty system, which makes it to be a little bit more bearable compared to the rest of the world. 170 more words