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Slow and Steady.. But wait, what about MY privacy?!

I am slowly peeling myself up off the floor as the first week of wading through the murky mire that is (in my opinion anyway) ICT’s. 180 more words

As the “quantified self” industry explodes, who will control the data -- us or them?

[Editor’s note: MyFitnessPal has just sold to UnderArmor, sales of Coke are down, and everything at CES was a wearable.  Will data really make us less of a flabby, junk eating nation? 821 more words


News you can relate to

Some news stories that caught our eye this week:

We were touched this week by Kristin Leong’s riveting story of teaching her young students to ‘practice being brave’. 56 more words


Internet Bots For Sale

There is nothing wrong with our post’s title. We are talking about the web bots not the boats. What do you know we have the English 101 right here and right now. 185 more words

Lawmakers Want To Know Who's Tracking You Online, And Where The Info Goes

Everything you do online — on your phone, on your computer, with anything — leaves a digital wake. Put those trails together and you’ve got one massive big data industry that can (and does) track it all and sell it to the highest bidder. 403 more words

Cartier et al v Sky et al 2014: what if the ISPs’ blocking systems did not implement Shallow Packet Inspection technologies?

Over the last couple of years, music and film copyright owners have obtained several website-blocking orders under UK copyright rules (section 97A of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988). 913 more words

Data Protection

What Is The FREAK Flaw And How Much Should I, Well, Freak Out About It?

There are certain websites that you expect to be secure. The NSA’s and FBI’s sites, for example, or any shopping site you enter your credit card information on. 699 more words