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What's Your iPhone DNA?

It seems that the major IT league players just cannot get enough of our personal data. The next in line is our own DNA. Your iPhone will have an unprecedented capability of storing your DNA data before you know it. 179 more words

US Senate votes down mass surveillance extension

The U.S. Senate has voted down a two-month extension of the so-called Patriot Act, which its author said was never intended to authorize mass surveillance but the NSA uses for that purpose anyway. 139 more words


Senate Votes for Constitution


The Senate voted early Saturday morning to block the USA Freedom Act, a bill that would have reined in the government’s controversial bulk phone record surveillance program while reauthorizing key surveillance authorities under the PATRIOT Act that are set to expire on May 31.  79 more words


The Purpose of Privacy

It’s often been claimed that if you do not have anything illegal to hide, then you should not be afraid of anything that breaks your privacy. 320 more words


Radio Shack is desperate...

RadioShack died this year but its icy hand still holds the social security numbers of millions of customers—information they promised to keep to themselves. Noble! Also hollow and meaningless! 263 more words

Why I've Been Silent

What do you write about when your brain is consumed by the one thing you’re keeping quiet? The news is finally out . . . We are having a baby! 352 more words