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Day 35 = Management (K)not

Due to the obvious reasons of not managing well, I did not post yesterday.

When people see the word “management,” people normally think of businesses or work, but that is not what I am going to talk about entirely. 480 more words

40 Days Of (K)nots

Beyond impressed as a Stay-at-Home-Mom

As I am at a crossroad with my life… a friend sends me this article Written by a husband about how he can’t afford his wife’s stay-at-home-motherhood… 118 more words


I am not your last resort.

I’m insecure. I probably try a little too hard. I certainly care too much. I have always been willing to burn for anything I have ever loved. 351 more words

Lost In Translation 

A topic that I already covered but I think I need to revisit this again. It has come to my attention that men are really not understanding what it is to pick up the phone and call a woman. 211 more words

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It's like Shea read my mind! Sometimes I just ask myself, can this person not pick up the phone and call? Constant text messages without actually speaking to someone become impersonal. Geez!


You might have noticed the introspective tone these posts have taken in the past while. It’s because I’ve finally faced up to the fact that several major areas in my life are simply not working. 327 more words

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tithe time

Recently my husband and I were convicted about tithing. We realized that we were bringing 10% to the Lord, but we were not bringing our FIRST 10%. 636 more words