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A fatal flaw. A tragic flaw. Something that leads you to your own downfall.

Achilles has his heel, Frodo has the ring. David’s was Bathsheba and Samson’s was Delilah.

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Don’t set your goals by what other people deem important.”
― Jaachynma N.E. Agu



Prayer planning

Jesus is coming soon. As the coming of the Lord approaches, we must focus on maintaining our prayer life and making it a priority in our day. 540 more words

Focus on Jesus

And thus endeth the story.  On this Ascension day we believe Jesus rose up to “heaven”.  Christ risen and Christ glorified!!  The gospel story concludes with this grand finale.   268 more words


The only wish which I have for myself is that if this word never existed. PRIORITIES! 

Why the hell in this world we have to set our priorities right? 557 more words



If there is one thing that has hindered my recovery, it would be comparing myself to others.

Many people around me are not very well mentally aswell and it is hard to focus on your own recovery. 190 more words

Mental Health

You will be judged (or you will be ignored)

Those are pretty much the only two choices.

Being judged is uncomfortable. Snap judgments, prejudices, misinformation… all of these, combined with not enough time (how could there be) to truly know you, means that you will inevitably be misjudged, underestimated (or overestimated) and unfairly rejected. 16 more words