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Entertainment 1900-1920

PART 1 – EARLY SPRING, 2015   | To view the album of more than 850 images go to ENTERTAIN ME 1900 – 1920 304 more words

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Opened in 1900 - 1920


A selection of American buildings, bridges and other structures built and opened in the years 1900 to 1920 –  View 300 images from this category at… 485 more words

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Beach Life 1900-1920


Selected scenes from American Beach Life 1900-1920. Two-Hundred-Ninety images at http://www.pinterest/edofcourse. West Coast and Great Lakes images are included on the big board. 358 more words

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Advertisements - 100 Years Ago

Select advertisements from the period 1900 to 1920. OVER 500 can be viewed at EDOFCOURSE Pinterest page. 137 more words

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SCHOOL 100 Years Ago


Physical Exercises at School, 1902

JavaScript required to play Physical Exercises at School, 1902.

End of school day at coeducational school… 578 more words

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Cars from 1914


Automobiles from 100 years ago. All models are from 1914.

Early Automobiles and Motor Cars, 1910’s – A short (1:56) silent video of actual car scenes taken during the 1910s. 180 more words

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Exploitation of Child Workers, A Centenary

MAY 2014

100 years ago children played a large role as a human resource for factory and farm. These images, photographs taken by Lewis Hine between 1900 and 1910 are used to bring about reform. 438 more words

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