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Research updates!

For those of you who may not know, I am currently an MSc student on the Primate Conservation course at Oxford Brookes University. An MSc is, roughly, the UK equivalent to a Master’s degree. 688 more words

Grad School

Gente Nasua: Jane Goodall

Estrenamos sección; en Gente Nasua hablaremos de personas muy inspiradoras relacionadas con el estudio y la conservación de la fauna de nuestro planeta. Nos parecía obligatorio comenzar con una de las naturalistas mas conocidas del mundo: … 327 more words


Did You Monkey Around with My Computer?

NO! No, absolutely, definitely, certainly not! That is an absolute falsehood! I deny it with the last breath in my body! No! I did not! NO, I say! 17 more words

Graveyard of Giants

By Brian Switek

Deep below the surface of a water-filled cave in Madagascar, divers and paleontologists have uncovered a boneyard full of extinct giant lemurs. 522 more words

Interesting Reads

El orangután se adapta al hombre

Probablemente todo lector de este blog (sí, hablamos de nuestras madres y primos pequeños, básicamente) tenga una idea de lo que es un orangután (Pongo pygmaeus) 405 more words


Where It All Began

Believe it or not, embryonic stem cells have been around since the early 1980’s, where they were first discovered -no surprise- in mice. Gail Martin at the University of California, San Francisco, and Martin Evans, at University of Cambridge were both responsible for these findings. 178 more words


 “Imprisonment”. “Mental”. “Aggressive”. “Self-harming”. These are the words used to describe the life of an animal in captivity. But do excessive measures need to be taken to save the endangered species, asks Alex Hastie. 782 more words