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100 Crazy Critters – #22 - Gorilla

Gorilla.  Oh dear, I thought.  I have a history of not being very good at drawing primates let alone painting them.  I have never even tried painting one.   61 more words

Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey

Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey by andycatlin (http://ift.tt/17SbRsf) at September 1, 2014 at 03:20PM (via http://ift.tt/1xhL6XL)
Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey at Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland. 11 more words


Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey

Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey by andycatlin (http://ift.tt/17SbRsf) at May 19, 2014 at 09:20AM (via http://ift.tt/1oHjDe6)
Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey


Western Tarsier - Five in One

“Our Simpalili, better known to us as Lili the Simp, was the best endurance flagpole sitter in all of North Borneo. He was brought to us from the jungle clinging to a long stick, and his expression of strained affability, and his determination not to leave his stick, always reminded me of the expressions and actions of human contestants in American endurance contests” – Agnes Newton Keith, Land Below the Wind…

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Late student's legacy helps Miami undergrads achieve their research goals

This June, Miami University junior Jordan Martin will present his personality research on bonobos at the American Society of Primatologists’ annual meeting. He studied the endangered great apes at the Cincinnati Zoo last year. 666 more words

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T is for Tarsier

Today it’s T for tarsier – a heart-meltingly cute little creature – this one is from the Philippines, an image by Yeowatzup on Flikr.

The Philippine tarsier is only 3-6 inches in length (not including its surprisingly long tail) which makes it hard to spot – it’s one of the smallest primates. 374 more words


Meditation on Primates

The wild is calling

Through the depths of the soul

Preservation of the primates

– Elisa da Silva

Animal Spirit