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Sour Sixteen: The Republican Focus on Quantity Over Quality

By the time the Republican primaries begin next year, there could be as many as sixteen candidates for the party’s nomination to face Hillary Clinton. We the People should be dumbfounded by the sheer number of options to choose from . 588 more words

Same old brain, same old heart...

Down and around on Sparrow drive, left onto Villiers, right onto 14th, right onto Water rd, all the way down untill it turns a sharp right into 5th, then left onto Prospect rd, right into 4th, left into Fordyce, right into 1st then left into Heugh rd. 2,140 more words

Decision 2016: Introduction to the Primaries

Election season contains some similarities to other holiday season: you don’t always get what you want, it leads to many awkward and tension-filled conversations with family and friends, and just as soon as you think it’s over, preparations are being made for the next one. 749 more words


When Inevitability Reigns, Are There Any Winners?

As has long been expected, Hillary Clinton is all but assured of being the Democratic Party’s nominee for President in 2016. In some ways, she will run as Barack Obama’s third term. 457 more words

Little Timmy Sad to Be Left Out of Republican Race

Little Timmy has been seen crying loudly in the park by himself. When local police officers asked what was wrong, he mentioned that he felt left out that friends did not invite him to the Republican race. 59 more words


Reiniciem Canals expulsat del govern pel seu model de transparència

Hem vingut a obrir portes i finestres i ens les han volgudes tancar.

Després del debat públic, iniciat aquestes setmanes per Reiniciem Canals arran de les informacions publicades Gent de Canals, Compromís, EU i PSOE -qui suposadament havia manifestat el seu vot a Gent de Canals atés l’absència dels seus dos membres en la reunió de hui- han decidit… 366 more words


06.28.15: PSUV Primaries

PSUV supporters have headed to the polls today to vote in primaries ahead of December’s parliamentary elections. Venezuelans will be able to select from among a list of PSUV candidates who will represent their district in the December 6 parliamentary elections. 804 more words

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