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Santorum and Pataki Jump In

I am not sure if this crop of republican candidates is better than the field of candidates from 2012. I do not understand why Rick Santorum thinks that he will do better this time around, in just four years we have seen even much more acceptance of LBGT marriage legality and also forward movement on both recreational and medicial marijuana, these two liberal social stances are very important to the young, so unless Santorum can get every single white social conservative in the U.S to the polls, I don’t see him getting his wish. 294 more words

Governor Felicia Ren launches presidential campaign

Governor Felicia Ren (Labor-D8) announced her second presidential run today at a factory in her home district of 8, stating “it’s time for the parties of the right-wing to give control to someone else. 231 more words


Circus Maximus MMXVI: Never gonna get it

I’m so glad Rick Santorum is now officially in the race (which he’ll lose) for president.*

Why glad?

Because, while he has no chance of winning, he, like Mike Huckabee (who won’t win), can make some fun trouble for the candidates… 262 more words


Gov. Descoteaux, Hawthorne form presidential exploratory committees, Gov. Taylor, Escavel form VP exploratory committees

Governor Rosalie Descoteaux (Liberty-D14) and Governor Gale Hawthorne (Liberty-D15) have formed exploratory committees for the presidential nomination of the Liberty Party.

Governor Descoteaux is the two-term governor of District 14, Panem’s largest district and the first overseas district. 216 more words


Vice President Dale Wilson announces presidential run

Vice President Dale Wilson (Liberty-D4) has officially kicked off his presidential run today, formally declaring his candidacy at the new Hartt Corporation headquarters in the capital of District 4. 380 more words


Governor Rebecca Tarson announces run for vice president

Governor Rebecca Tarson became the first official candidate for the vice presidency today, declaring “it’s time to return to the years of Katniss Everdeen.”

Governor Tarson is currently the governor of District 12, the home district of both former President Katniss Everdeen and Senator Peeta Mellark, who is running for the presidency. 62 more words


Gov. Hansen opts out of national runs, as do Latier, Canstrom, and Wendle

Governor Xavier Hansen opted not to run for president or vice president on both the Liberty and Conservative tickets this election, stating that he would be best suited to remain in District 10 as governor and continue to serve. 164 more words