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Quote: Francis Turretin

The threefold misery of men introduced by sin–ignorance, guilt and tyranny and bondage by sin–required this . . . threefold-office .  Ignorance is healed by the prophetic ; guilt by the priestly ; the tyranny and corruption of sin by the kingly office . 

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Another taste of Solovyov's wisdom

I’ve decided to take another quick taste of Solovyov’s wisdom; and it seems he’s quite the poet. Here’s one I found quite interesting and decided to translate: 646 more words

Should Christians Use Religious Titles?

MUCH is said about a shortage of clergymen in Christendom today, but there is hardly a shortage of religious titles among them. Some titles are simple; others are pretentious. 1,040 more words


Catholic leaders arrested, detained in China

ICC Note:
Hebei authorities have instigated a campaign of religious persecution against underground Catholic adherents, including a bishop, a priest and two laypersons.
The fact that ‘all religious personnel’ have been ordered to keep authorities informed of their whereabouts is an ominous sign. 233 more words

Prayer Uproar

From "My Father's Shadow"

Sunday morning Andre got up, got ready and went to church with his mother. They arrived at the church and as soon they walked through the doors his mother turned to him, 585 more words


"I Knew You Would Never Be a Priest"

“I knew you would never be a priest.”

Those were the words that Mom uttered to me when I nervously told her that I decided not to continue with my Catholic seminary studies. 2,446 more words


Pope Francis says he hasn't watch TV since 1990

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church, who has made waves of connections reaching out to disaffected Catholics and insisting on making the poor a top priority, hasn’t watched TV since July 15, 1990, he revealed in an interview published in the Argentinian newspaper La Voz del Pueblo. 111 more words