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Pharmacology, Tattoos, and a Clean Kitchen

Dear Blank Page,

I can’t wait to tell you what I’ve been up to lately. Aside from dropping in to experience the shopping event known as Lilly for Target — just for kicks — I’ve been working on cleaning and organizing bits of my house. 448 more words


April 26, 2015

Psalm 140:8 Do not grant the wicked their desires, O Lord;
do not let their plans succeed,
or they will become proud.

David recognized that pride goes hand in hand with evil. 424 more words



We sit in silence and pretend it’s comfortable. We pretend there isn’t a year and a half of memories hovering above us yelling, “Realize you need each other!” begging us to come to our senses. 50 more words

Creative Writing


Take their breaths away
Your emotions are of a diver
Beneath the depths you play
Through the darkness you mean to discover
Like a dancer walking through the curtain… 84 more words

It's Okay to Toot Your Own Horn Sometimes

There is a difference between bragging, and being proud of your accomplishments. I believe that it is possible to share your achievements without coming off like you are trying to show off. 533 more words

150426 Ego 

Above the mountains
Alone in the clouds
Around you a grey mist shroud

Down the mountains
Live poor peasants
Laughing at them aloud

High above you wear your crown… 63 more words


Gay and NOT proud

Over the past few years, since I’ve really been open about my sexuality, I have been continuously and repeatedly asked “Do you go to Pride?” or “Are you coming to Pride this year?” My answer has always been, and shall always be: NO. 384 more words