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Hawaii island burger restaurant among best in U.S. - Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Keep up to date with Hawaii’s latest breaking news and headlines from Honolulu’s daily newspaper – The Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

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According to TripAdvisor.com, the Village Burgher in Waimea on Hawaii Island serves one of the best burghers in the nation.

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The Bombing of Pearl Harbor - December 7 1941 Japanese Bombing of Hawaii Educational Docum

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor – December 7 1941 Japanese Bombing of Hawaii Educational Documentary The News Parade presents a short film about the …

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Oahu's plastic bag ban officially in effect - Hawaii News Now

Starting Wednesday, grocers and retailers across the island will no longer be allowed to provide plastic checkout bags to customers as part of Oahus plastic bag ban.

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Lead TMT protester responds to Governor's action - Hawaii News Now

Native Hawaiian Kahookahi Kanuha says the protesters against the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope will not give up.

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TMT protest leader Kahookahi Kanuha says demonstrations against the telescope project on the summit of Mauna Kea will continue.

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Solar Impulse reaches two-thirds of way from Japan to Hawaii - Yahoo News

A solar-powered aircraft flying from Japan to Hawaii on the most perilous leg of a round-the-globe bid has passed the two-thirds point, and was under 40 hours from landing, organizers said.

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Congregants, protesters gather at Indiana Church of Cannabis - Hawaii News Now

More than 100 people packed a pot-smoking Indianapolis church for a music-filled service without their illegal sacrament Wednesday, days after authorities threatened arrests if the congregation lit…

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Episcopalians vote to allow gay marriage in churches - Hawaii News Now

Episcopalians voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to allow religious weddings for same-sex couples, solidifying the church’s embrace of gay rights that began more than a decade ago with the…

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