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Nutritional Guidance for the Canine Cancer Patient

A raw food diet is considered to be beneficial especially if an animal has a serious disease like cancer. Haley’s holistic vet directly attributed her lengthy life with cancer to… 350 more words

Canine Cancer

Pomegranate is Powerful Against Prostate Cancer

Another fruit that is garnering attention is pomegranate (Punica granatum), which has been treasured for both its medicinal and culinary uses for at least four millennia. 164 more words

Stress Hormones And Belly Fat

"Safety Comic of the Day" - "Pet Safety"

There are several tips you can follow to help keep your pet safe. Here are a few:

Outshine Ovarian Cancer: LOVE YOUR LADY PARTS

Great resources for folks like me who need to build our knowledge and learn how to see this killer coming before it’s too late:

outshine ovarian cancer: LOVE YOUR LADY PARTS.

Info Etc.

DIY Tank Top-to-Tote for Spring Break

By: Dianna Parker and Asma Mahdi

Clothes and textiles can become marine debris, too, if we don’t dispose of them properly or reuse them in some way. 129 more words

Bird flu wave in China has potential to impact humans globally.

The avian flu, formally known as H7N9 influenza, began spreading from infected poultry to humans in eastern China in March 2013. Since then, it has expanded throughout the entire country according to a new report. 137 more words

Bird Flu

Protective Intelligence In Action | Spencer Coursen

Protective Intelligence is the process for collecting and assessing information about persons who have interest, motivation, intention and practical capability to do harm.

The following is a real-world example of how effective protective intelligence helped to reduce risk and prevent violence: 1,415 more words

Spencer Coursen