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LiveBlog Journalists, surveillance and the police: How can the secret state learn to live with the fourth estate?

A panel discussion looking at the relationship between journalists and the police and asking what legal protections should be in place to protect confidential sources from state surveillance. 225 more words

Press Freedom

Good luck citizens, we're on our own

Australia’s rush to embrace sweeping powers to access the digital footprints of its citizenry has raised the existential age-old question: What is a journalist?

The development of the government’s data retention bill and its implications were woefully under-reported by those most obviously fitting the description until we got to the pointy end of the law-making. 1,127 more words


Press Uncuffed: a new project

Journalism students at the University of Maryland hope to raise enough money to produce 10,000 bracelets engraved with the names of imprisoned journalists in a project called Press Uncuffed. 162 more words

Press Freedom

U. of Maryland students launch campaign to 'Uncuff imprisoned journalists around the world'

Ammar Abdulrasool. Mahmoud Abou Zeid. Reeyot Alemu. Khadija Ismayilova. Bheki Makhubu. Ta Phong Tan. Jason Rezaian. Yusuf Ruzimuradov. Ilham Tohti.

You may not know all, most or any of these individuals. 587 more words


Liveblog: The Human Rights Act - the Bill of Rights for the 21st Century?

I went to a talk at Inner Temple on the Strand, in London all about the future of the Human Rights Act (HRA). The Human Rights Act came into force in 1998 in the UK, but many felt it called into question the entire concept of… 925 more words

Press Freedom

Facebook is creating a new tabloid media.

For about 5 years of my life, I worked on building sites as an electrician with your typical milk-and-two-sugars sorts of blokes. It didn’t matter where I was working or who I was with, I would frequently bare witness to an argument erupting over some hyperbolic thing or another that was written in a tabloid newspaper, usually followed by the unanimous agreement that immigration was to blame for just about everything ..so let’s move onto the football. 1,374 more words

An Anti-Kusturica Breed of Love: Blackout, Whitewash

Entertainment key to Russia’s propaganda success, West bets on a double blindfold

Despite the Graun’s claims to the contrary, the last time I checked everyone in our small detachment was an ordinary NATO country passport holder. 645 more words