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'Unpardonable sin' by PM's Office - Kadir

Former NSTP group chief editor A Kadir Jasin has accused the prime minister’s office of “an unpardonable sin” in alluding to “legacy family wealth” in a response to an article in the New York Times earlier this month. 435 more words


Barisan papers fail basic journalism

Utusan, NST, Star, Sun chicken out when Tun Razak’s sons
(minus Najib) respond to ‘legacy family wealth’ claim

Former New Straits Times Press group chief editor A Kadir Jasin has rightly questioned why major newspapers owned by Barisan Nasional parties failed to carry a joint statement by the four brothers of prime minister Najib Abdul Razak defending their late father’s reputation against the prime minister’s office alluding to “legacy family wealth”. 475 more words


Recep Erdogan’s vision for Turkey undermined by domestic strife

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a vision for a “new Turkey” where he would preside over the country and build a regional military, political and cultural powerhouse from his sprawling new $600 million presidential palace in the capital of Ankara. 55 more words

Press review: The Daily Telegraph vs The Guardian

Written by Robert Jones

As it has done so frequently in recent history, the ugly side of print journalism has reared its head once again. Over the past few weeks several voices within the press have, perhaps unintentionally, managed to detract all attention away from one of the biggest UK financial scandals since LIBOR rigging. 830 more words


BN media black out Najib's brothers

Newspapers owned by Barisan Nasional parties Umno and MCA have blacked out a media statement by Najib Razak’s brothers defending their late father’s reputation for integrity and frugality, Malayakini reports. 327 more words


2015 Index of Economic Freedom - What does it mean for press freedom?

The graphic above provides a visual representation of the 2015 Economic Freedom rankings worldwide, published by the Heritage Foundation. The darkest red areas represent the worst regions in terms of economic freedom in 2015 – for example… 280 more words

Press Freedom

Charlie Hebdo: here we go again!

I know some will say that we are obsessed, but we’re not the ones who are obsessed. It’s those who create the news who are obsessed. 670 more words