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Moroccan journalist Lmrabet on hunger strike

Moroccan journalist Ali Lmrabet has gone on hunger strike Wednesday 24th of June. Lmrabet started a sit-in in front of the UN headquarters in Geneva. Reason of his protest is the refusal by the Moroccan authorities to renew his passport and ID-document. 195 more words

Human Rights

Thai Junta Bans Launch of Vietnamese Rights Report Ahead of State Visit

Authorities in Bangkok abruptly canceled a press conference Friday during which a report on the plight of indigenous communities in central Vietnam was due to be launched. 391 more words

Al Jazeera’s Ahmed Mansour 1: Sisi 0

In 2004, only one news organisation stayed in Fallujah to report one of the bloodiest battles the US fought in the Iraq War. It was only thanks to Al Jazeera’s reporter Ahmed Mansour and its cameramen Layth Mustaq that the world knew what was going on in the city. 125 more words


Did Berlin really think it was a good idea to arrest an Al Jazeera journalist on behalf of Egypt?

A bureaucratic screw-up or a mighty blow at press freedom struck by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s democratic Germany on behalf of an Arab dictator? Who on earth decided that German cops were going to pounce on poor Ahmed Mansour – one of Al Jazeera’s top journalists – at Tegel airport in Berlin on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by a regime which has just sentenced its previously elected President to death? 24 more words


The Pentagon Has Entered the Next Phase of Extermination: Culling of Journalists

With this new metamorphosis, journalists will now be targeted as combatants whether they make physical contact with guns or not.  This means they can’t open carry, they can’t concealed carry, they’re no longer privileged with the luxury of self defense.  100 more words

Development of Indian Press

“Press” generally refers to any media that provides news on national and international issues and various scientific developments. press is the voice of people living in a democratic nation like India. 2,097 more words

Indian History