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Why I support Rand Paul and why he reminds me of Ronald Reagan.

For the first time since Ronald Reagan we have a political figure who is not just running for office to seek personal power but one who is actually leading a popular movement.    809 more words

Presidential History

4 Quotes From “41”

I truly enjoyed the unique way George W. Bush (US president #43) told the story of his Dad’s life (George H.W. Bush was president #41). It was so refreshing to see the relationship this father and son have with each other. 330 more words

41 (book review)

It’s only happened twice in American history: A father and son both serving as President. The first was John Adams and John Quincy Adams, then George H.W. 188 more words

D-Day Prayer

On the evening of June 6, 1944, the Allied troops were already well into their D-Day landing in Europe. That evening President Franklin D. Roosevelt took to the radio airwaves to offer up this prayer— 307 more words

2016: A Crowded Clown Car

You guys know that I do enjoy giving my readers a little history with my posts……since few people can remember much of our political history I figured…….why not rattle your memories? 335 more words


Marco Rubio: A Demographic on Steroids

Senator Marco Rubio spoke for the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday, staking out his position as the GOP super hawk, announcing that he would not be afraid to go to war.   762 more words

Presidential History