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5 Simple Ways To Be Happy (and Successful)

Dear Diary,

I was listened to a Ted talk today and I realized that you helped me a lot to overcome my heartbreak. In his talk, the man shared the research result of how happiness can bring you a meaningful and successful life, and most importantly, how a few simple ways can bring happiness. 211 more words

The New Way

Empty yourself of the worries
Let them brim over and overflow
Feel the freeness in your soul
Not bounded by any pressure
Connect with the good will… 24 more words

The Time is Now

Time is always passing

coming and going

waiting for no one

But we wait for it

We wait for “the right time”

We wish for times past… 48 more words


The Habit of Success

What can you do today to ensure success in the coming days?

Being present. We each can add dramatically to our success simply by focusing on investing ourselves into today. 395 more words



Po Po drove by this morning to give me my birthday prezzie, a big ang pao, and two mandarin oranges the size of my moobs. 51 more words


This Letter to Me

Looking back, I’ve had a pretty blessed life. There’s been struggles, but I’m still here. However, if I could do it all over again, here’s just a littleĀ advice I’d give to the younger me: 1,346 more words