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Right Where You Are

You may find this shocking. You may not want to believe. But this is a universal truth. Just as true as the gravity holds us firm to the ground, and just as true as all forces of attraction are the underlying energy of the universe: pure love. 537 more words

My Long History

I was born on June 6th, 1997. I have to two sisters, and three brothers. I am the middle child. My three brothers are Tyler, Henry, Kyle, and my two sisters are Lily and Mia. 979 more words


You've Got Mail

So this sweet little 22 year old child, this child who has yet to be financially responsible for anything, this child who feels as if the world owes her, this child who feigned a loving relationship with me, this child who thinks she is an adult, this manipulative little spiteful child…… 295 more words


Be Here!

Currently I’m reading Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now.  If there’s one thing this book has showed me so far it is the amount of time I was spending outside of the present by preoccupying my mind with thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future. 39 more words

The past year: getting out of that black hole

Initially, everything started to feel like it was going downhill two years ago, however i want to concentrate on the past year, where i tried, and others around me tried to get me back to where i wanted to be and more. 777 more words


The Advantages of Observation Manager Over Your Present System

Software to manage the observation of teaching and learning – no hosting charge and very easy to learn – (read more)

Credit Repair

The time absurd

The reality is
like a dream.

A non-existent
and future

in the fog of
and predictions,

a present moment
it is
already not. 9 more words