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[Jiy's Day] Parcel from BFF (Day 58 of 365) + Semi-hiatus

Yippee! I received a package from my best friend, Emz!

You see, my previous elementary/primary school held a school fair somewhere in November last year. The school newsletter editorial board as well as some other artistic students (including my best friend) were able to create a planner for the year of 2015 and the sold the said planner during the fair. 373 more words

Random Rambles

A different kettle of ruffian

Never owned a pair of Kickers. The 1970s French brand that blew up in 80s Britain, has been an on again, off again presence in UK style circles since. 208 more words


BakerDays Letterbox Mother's Day Cake

As Mother’s Day approaches my excitement has been growing, because it’s a day that I get a lie in (I know your thinking the same as me “what’s a lie in?”) and get to chill out. 954 more words


Treat yourself!

Gee, thanks Amazon.  I know my birthday is coming up and all, but I’m not quite understanding why this is on the top of my list.


Feeling a little blue... And then there is light.

Today, am feeling a little drained and blue…

The ‘crawl under the covers and shut the world out’ blue.

Am not going into the details of why I am feeling like this. 455 more words


The Left - Environmentalism

The other day, I published a post about how stupid the Left side of the political spectrum is.  My point was basically that they fail to convince people of even the most obvious things.  615 more words



Dear Chad and Everyone Else,


I finally reached a breakthrough in my life, and it only took about twenty years to do so. I can say that I have never been proud of who I am. 614 more words