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Thoughtful Thursdays

Here’s something I felt gratitude toward the author–my husband–for having written and wanted to share it with you in hopes that you will also find it worth pondering.



The virtue of patience

As the saying goes, ‘patience is a virtue,’ and it certainly is. It can also be an antidote to anger and hatred. However, it can actually be quite difficult to be patient. 900 more words

Creating the Faerie Space

It’s okay to be a faerie.

No one has ever said those words to me. I very much want to hear them from outside of my own head. 298 more words

Faeries Exist

Mindfulness in Motion

Here is one of my newest spoken word pieces (and you can watch my video by following the link below):

In Flight

There’s a tiny, thin, see-through curtain dividing first class and coach seating on this plane,                                                   how appropriate as an analogy describing how we’re all in this together –                                                                          this life, this flight….same thing.   297 more words


Removing Negativity - As Easy As Breathing?

I know that it’s difficult sometimes to remove negative thoughts and realign with your true nature.

Sometimes things just drive us crazy, and it is difficult in those moments to calm things down and form a different perspective. 94 more words


No Need To Hurry......

  Do you ever feel like you need to hurry up and get somewhere else?   Like you need to change this or that situation  in your life because you’ll be happier once you do?  65 more words

Conscious Living

We Have Burnt Up In The Sun

Have you come to grips with failure?

Yes, even now it’s water washing off my back
And will you fail to be with me – here, now? 280 more words