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Are you a drug addict or alcoholic suffering from Chronic Pain?

Ignoring the pain

If you have a history with drugs or alcohol, you may hesitate to seek medical care for your pain. If you have a history of mental illness, you may be equally reluctant. 894 more words


All vaccines are not the same; some are worse than useless

I am not among those who question the value of all vaccines on principle. I don’t doubt the value of vaccines in controlling smallpox, measles, polio. 316 more words

Medical Practices

Television Ads: Going Too Far?


Recently there has been an increase in “gross out” ads created in an attempt to persuade people to drop unhealthy habits like smoking. There is also a high number of commercials dedicated to Viagra, Condoms, Feminine napkins, and prescription medications.   506 more words


Why Did My Doc Recommend This New Drug?

According to the CDC (that’s the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), a full three quarters of doctor’s office visits end up with the patient leaving with a prescription. 367 more words

High Cholesterol

Is Adult ADHD Real?

Yes, it is real.  Unfortunately, some people pretend to have the disorder so they can score some drugs. Don’t let this prevent you from getting treatment. 829 more words


Blister Packs for Medications

As far as medication goes, remembering to take the required doses morning, noon or bedtime was causing chaos.  I would forget to take this med or that med, refilling prescriptions in time, and each med had it’s own pill bottle.  76 more words

Mental Health

Antidepressants for Nerve Pain: On Again, Off Again, and New Observations

As I previously discussed here and here, my neurologist prescribed an antidepressant, Elavil (amitriptyline), to deal with issues of nerve pain.  My instructions were to take it at bedtime, as it has the habit of knocking me out fairly quickly.   648 more words

Transverse Myelitis