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New Book Release--Poor Man's Guide to Prepping

I have been crazy busy planting and working in the garden these past few weeks, but I wanted to drop a line announcing my new book. 118 more words


Prep Monday—What Else?

This week’s adventures will include planting a garden in the mud and trying to mow the pasture, which is something like three feet tall at this point. 638 more words

Robin Tidwell

Dangerous mindsets

Preppers prepare. That’s what they do.
Looking at disaster scenario’s planning, training, and provisioning, for the inevitable storm that everyone knows is coming.

Only what happens when the last shelf is full, the barrels topped off, guns and ammo quietly stacked and waiting? 332 more words


Training Film

Defined as “Keeping your damn mouth shut!”
One of the constant security worries for everyone including preppers, survivalists, patriots or military is the inadvertent disclosure of Intel. 102 more words


CAT's eat RAT's: Tourniquet Comparisons

A Guide to avoid gimmicks in the world of Tactical and Austere Medicine:

We have come a long way in trauma medicine since the days of “Use a tourniquet only as a last resort.” We now know it can be on for hours before it even begin to damage the patient, and now tourniquets are often times your first intervention in tactical medicine. 1,647 more words


Low power? No problem

Wanna enter a debate about stopping power?
Wrong place I’m afraid, because stopping power in the UK is generally associated with vehicle brakes not firearms and especially not air weapons. 1,112 more words