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A rifle and ?

I’ve always said you can replace anything except a good rifle.
Well sort of. I should have added, and someone you can trust to watch your back. 238 more words


Ebola "cured" and 6 months later

When all the stories about Ebola arose I was researching the dangers and the long term effect of the bug in the so called “declared cured”. 194 more words



Would one of you experts in the world of global finance please explain to me why not long ago the media and “blog land” was saying that China was going into financial meltdown and their whole economy was going to collapse yet recently 57 countries (except the US) have signed up as founder members of the Chinese led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). 12 more words


Technophobic, me?

Ha, I’ve just been told I’m technophobic.
I love it, I’ve been promoted to a Tech grade.
Do I get a pay rise?

An old school pre-transistor electronics engineer who still works on  TV’s, radios, audio-visual, telecoms, marine, radar and computer equipment. 311 more words


3 Simple Ways To Connect With Survivalists Near You

By  Kevin Danielsen Off The Grid News

It’s not always easy to find others that share our common survivalist and prepper interests (or the understanding of the absolute necessity of it). 170 more words


24 Lost Survival Tips from 100 Years Ago

Before It’s News.com

Source: Ask a Prepper

When we’ll have no running water, no hyperactive emergency services, no electricity… we are going to turn back to what people did 100 years ago.

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