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Becoming Acquainted With the World

Disclaimer: this is only the humble viewpoints of a 19 year old almost-adult who still has quite some way to go in terms of communicating her ideas and viewpoints (which are probably premature and need a couple more years and a lot more experience to ripen)…please read with patience and perhaps a bit of bemusement. 549 more words



My oh my do I love scribing.  So I officially began working on my own about 2 weeks ago (over my spring break.)  Let’s just say that I was a nervous wreck the first day of my solo shift.   537 more words


Change of plans!

Today was awesome!! Since there were two med students on cardiac surgery and none on thoracic, the chief resident (who was rotating from cardiac to thoracic today) suggested I come along with her for a better learning environment. 728 more words

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My Love of All Things FTK

Hey all!

Tomorrow is interview day for my second year as a member of the team for Boise State Dance Marathon so I thought it would be fitting that I write a post trying to explain some of the reasons I love this amazing organization. 869 more words

Love Life

On to the next one...

And it’s cardiac surgery! <3 <3 <3

(The anatomically inaccurate hearts there are because it’s heart surgery, not because I’m necessarily in love with it.) 519 more words

Med School

(Survey of Organic Chemistry) Handout 1.2 Alkanes, Part 1

Hi everyone, here’s the next handout for survey of orgo.  My computer went wonky and I had to fix it so I was just able to publish this today (I planned to have it up on Saturday).  3,099 more words


Gen surg month: check!

Phew! My sleep schedule has never been so out of whack. I do have another month of surgery coming up, but I am on cardiac and then urology, neither of which requires overnight call or weekend rounds (well, cardiac normally does, but thanks to Easter (?) I get next weekend off too!) so hopefully I’ll have a little more time to catch some ZZZ’s! 1,449 more words

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