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Day 17: How Exactly Am I Doing This?

A miracle has occurred, people. Grab onto your seats and brace yourselves, because monumental things are happening. I’m talking on the scale of global axis tilt shifting. 651 more words


Disappointed at myself that I’ve procrastinated to the max today on the AMCAS, but I’ll find my motivation again. I think part of my hesitation is because my university’s pre-health advisor finally emailed me back feedback on my personal statement…and there were SO many suggestions. 182 more words


MS4 Schedule

Holy cow you guys. MS4 is only a month away!! #thankgoodness #promisedland #wheredidmedschoolgo #toomanyhashtags #sorrynotsorry

It’s taken a lot of figuring out in order to get my schedule straight, but in the end I’m really pleased with the result. 641 more words

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Question for my followers

Hi everyone.

So I have a question for my followers… or to anyone who has applied to, got accepted to, or plans on going to allopathic school or osteopathic school someday… 136 more words

Summer Class, Opportunities and a few Pearls of Wisdom

                I’ve dreaded this day for years. I found myself yesterday caught in a daze, glancing over my textbook. I’ve never been a fan of math. It never came as easy to me as it did for my friends, especially in high school. 450 more words

Oh, Wilmington

Another week of working hard (or hardly working) here at the beach!

I have not been good about writing stuff down as I’ve been really busy after work being way too social for my own good. 705 more words

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Trips and lazy surprise three day weekends :)

So, this ended up being a lovely lazy weekend, made only even better by the fact that it is going to extend into tomorrow :) Last night my friend and I went out for a mutual belated birthday dinner, as both of our birthdays were around exams and within a few weeks of each other, so we put off celebrating until we had some breathing space.   883 more words

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