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Why, hello there!

It’s time to start writing creatively here because I’ve been writing most of my life, favoring poetry since childhood and excelling in academic writing since high school. 918 more words

Creative Writing


The giant oaks swayed in the breeze, black against the star dappled sky. Jacob held his daughter’s hand as they walked through the tall grass to the barn in the distance. 983 more words


Day Five

Out upon the great, snowy plains, and the extreme, miserable muddles. Over the second range, however, were the limits of the pastoral, the disgraces and losses of our lives, thrusting themselves. 222 more words


Day Four

It was a beautiful night of early winter, still again, the air just sharp enough for all the stigmata of passion. I was sadly conscious. I had the thought to shake it off, drawing it forth, lying there like a corpse in the dead leaves, in the country. 224 more words


Day Three

The shrill grinding of Time, more than a savage or an animal.

I fear that my story will be doubted.

Only the very point rose above the waters. 134 more words


Day Two

There was a valley with a stream, and mere sheep. I do this with great reluctance, not until past midday. We could not stand up to the Island, aggravating about us, circling. 128 more words


Day One


Life at the time of the ancient deluges soon became a burden. On the blue sea, the line of reefs shone. Noise, and a sudden silvery gleam under the sun. 162 more words