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Prejudice: Why Bother?

The first post on this blog. Who am I and why am I here?

I have been around a long time in human years.All my life I’ve hated unfairness. 765 more words


Next in My Bookbag: Summer in Sweetwater County by Ciara Knight

This book has a very different tone than the “Winter…” and “Spring…” books. Knight writes about poverty, prejudice, and gang violence. This brings a lot of realism to the Sweetwater series. 121 more words


First Impression Prejudice

It’s a common problem today and most likely has been for very long, that people, whichever race, origin, sexual orientation, abilities or political alignments, still judge each other within seconds of seeing one another. 289 more words


When What You Don't Know Really Hurts...Someone Else

I saw this amazing post the other day on Scary Mommy, http://www.scarymommy.com/wild-unruly-child/ , and it really spoke to me.  If you didn’t happen to read it, you should. 1,082 more words


Cultural Appropriation

My Facebook friend shared an article about a young celebrity schooling people on cultural appropriation. I never heard of the term so after reading the article I looked it up and read further on… 383 more words


#FridayReads: The Rise of Eve - emancipate women from sexual persecution

Did You Ever Stop to Think?

Upcoming Documentary, The Rise of Eve chronicles sexism and the unique plight of women throughout the world

By: L. Burner… 2,073 more words

Movie Theatre

We Humans Not Colours Of Race

Ain’t we one just different world views and cultures, just different pigment melanin. I fear that we promoting a non accurate notion, when one is distinguished by specific inherited physical characteristics such as skin… 245 more words

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